Well HELLO there, Snowtober... O.o
I took this pic just when it started to snow, so it's a bit whiter now...
I'm one of those that don't believe any other weather forecast than the one I get looking out the window. But have to admit, they were spot on this time. It's *bliping* snowing outside! I like snow, but just wish it would stick to the winter months & leave autumn alone. ;) I mean, one day it seem like the whole world is illuminated by the roaring fire of fall & the next it's all a bit shabby chic'ish... #shitish 
Pardon the shitty video, it's just me testing out a new app on my phone. ;)
Bah! ...& here I was looking forward to trying out my new fishing rod & blessing my newly acclaimed black bucket with at least one fish...or with my luck in mind; maybe some kelp? :P
Yes, it's pink... ;) Bought it in Sweden yesterday... So cute!
Guess I'll be filling another bucket today then. The floors are in dire need of a wipe down anyway, so is the kitchen actually & the bathroom. Hmmm... When I think about it, this snowday was probably a good thing. ;) 

I like the word "indolence." It makes my laziness seem classy.  ~Bern Williams.


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