One of my favorite things about living up here in Norway is when it comes to the end of October it starts to get darker around 4 O'clock in the afternoon...& by 5 it's practically pitch black. I love being able to light the candles & get comfy with a cup of tea that early...& you do appreciate & take advantage of the daylight you actually get. 
Made loads of these cake pops today... Easy & yummy! 
By December month I have a tendency to crave a little more light, so the snow is more than welcomed then... The white covered ground & even the moon lighting up the evenings is so nice. But for now, I'm enjoying every moment of the darkness that embrace us. I do often ponder about how it is in other parts of the world... What do you consider a cozy evening? Is it a stroll along a beach, with a warm breeze & sand between your toes? A quiet moment for yourself in a chair, reading a book? Or getting to have a shower, something to eat & a warm bed? I really am curious...of different customs, fates & what makes people tick. :)

But guess my curiosity have to wait... Gonna watch Kevin McCloud move his little cabin to the seaside...kinda exciting! Hehe. You see, soaking up anything about sustainability is one of the things that makes me tick. ;) After that I'll get some sleep... Been a long day & I'm tired as hell.

These blessed candles of the night. ~William Shakespeare.


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