British Edition

On the way home from the physical therapist today, I stopped by a news stand to see if they had the latest issue of Country Living British Edition...& they did! It's the only magazine I read on a regular basis, so I got quite excited. They always have the nicest recipes & seasonal inspiration. When I'm through with them I usually cut out what appeal to me most & stick it in my inspiration books. It's a good way not to hang on to too much paper... Although, I must admit that they do look good in a magazine rack or on a bookshelf. ;)
 Whilst waiting for the bus: "Nooo, I did not know that." ;)
 On the bus, looking at rustic beautiful pics & dreaming of woolen socks...
I know I've said this before, but it really is a well balanced read if you're into things as Interior, Gardening, Crafts, Food & so on... So if you haven't read it yet I highly recommend checking it out. ;) Here's a few links if you feel the urge to follow the Country Living team online:

This is a great idea if you have no clue what to get someone... If they're sick, have a birthday coming up & so on. It's always nice to have something to sift through when you have some downtime...that doesn't include gossip & warped body images.

Well, I'm off to check on my veggie soup... That's just minutes away from being infused with some meat & garlic croutons. 

See you later! 

"Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own." ~William Hazlitt.


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