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One of my favorite things about living up here in Norway is when it comes to the end of October it starts to get darker around 4 O'clock in the afternoon...& by 5 it's practically pitch black. I love being able to light the candles & get comfy with a cup of tea that early...& you do appreciate & take advantage of the daylight you actually get. 
Made loads of these cake pops today... Easy & yummy!  By December month I have a tendency to crave a little more light, so the snow is more than welcomed then... The white covered ground & even the moon lighting up the evenings is so nice. But for now, I'm enjoying every moment of the darkness that embrace us. I do often ponder about how it is in other parts of the world... What do you consider a cozy evening? Is it a stroll along a beach, with a warm breeze & sand between your toes? A quiet moment for yourself in a chair, reading a book? Or getting to have a shower, something to eat & a warm bed? I rea…


Haven't been feeling that great lately... High fever & loads of pain. So this is basically how I've spent the last few days:
My cat Loke always get clingy every time I feel this crappy...& he just crawled up on my lap again, so guess it's time to put down the PC & relax a bit more.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend, wherever you've been. ♥

What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be. ~S.

Warmer days

Haven't been feeling that well today. Took me just about all day to get warm. Hope it won't become a thing with me this popsicle don't seem that fun. o.O Aaanyway, I've been soaking up tailgating, picnic's & warmer days on Pinterest. Here's a few of the cozy pics I found... 
Tailgating... Best car EVER by the way. ;)
Picnic in those surroundings would be like having vitamins injected straight in my veins. With some comfort food... Soup maybe? ...&Tea au naturel. Old fashioned outing. I actually remember the tartan thermos from growing up... :P Love the colours... Perfect picnic setting. Easy grub-a-dub-dub... Bon voyage... Really hope we'll have a few more of those warmer days this fall, cause it would be nice to put on warm clothes, pack some food & hot beverage & head on out...

You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person. ~Alec Waugh.


Well HELLO there, Snowtober... O.o
I took this pic just when it started to snow, so it's a bit whiter now... I'm one of those that don't believe any other weather forecast than the one I get looking out the window. But have to admit, they were spot on this time. It's *bliping* snowing outside! I like snow, but just wish it would stick to the winter months & leave autumn alone. ;) I mean, one day it seem like the whole world is illuminated by the roaring fire of fall & the next it's all a bit shabby chic'ish... #shitish
Pardon the shitty video, it's just me testing out a new app on my phone. ;) Bah! ...& here I was looking forward to trying out my new fishing rod & blessing my newly acclaimed black bucket with at least one fish...or with my luck in mind; maybe some kelp? :P
Yes, it's pink... ;) Bought it in Sweden yesterday... So cute! Guess I'll be filling another bucket today then. The floors are in dire need of a wipe down anyway, so is …


The darker the days, the more I crave for cozy evenings laced with tea & homemade cookies. I'm not much of a baker, but I do wanna learn. :P Practice make perfect, right? So hopefully I'll get more than bull's eye cookies, muffins & pie crusts in my resume these next couple of seasons. ;) *Fingers crossed* 

To help me in this arduous task I've been scouring the www for bakeware & similar items to make the experience less grueling. Ended up at Williams Sonoma & I'm so glad I stayed there a while...
This Personal Embosser would make homemade gifts look so good! This cup would fit right in to my rather eclectic teacup collection., don't you think? ;) I'm absolutely drooling over the colour of this KitchenAid mixer. #Love  How about some Gumball Eyes in a jar on Halloween? This Nordic Ware's cake pan makes a huge a** cupcake, so fun! Everyone needs a bit of sparkle, right? ;) These Ravens would make the mornings so much more ambient. ;P Cute Place…

British Edition

On the way home from the physical therapist today, I stopped by a news stand to see if they had the latest issue of Country Living British Edition...& they did! It's the only magazine I read on a regular basis, so I got quite excited. They always have the nicest recipes & seasonal inspiration. When I'm through with them I usually cut out what appeal to me most & stick it in my inspiration books. It's a good way not to hang on to too much paper... Although, I must admit that they do look good in a magazine rack or on a bookshelf. ;)
Whilst waiting for the bus: "Nooo, I did not know that." ;) On the bus, looking at rustic beautiful pics & dreaming of woolen socks... I know I've said this before, but it really is a well balanced read if you're into things as Interior, Gardening, Crafts, Food & so on... So if you haven't read it yet I highly recommend checking it out. ;) Here's a few links if you feel the urge to follow the Country Li…


You know, I think all we women have some sort of aspiration to be the perfect version of our self. The perfect Mother, Wife or whatever...
Me, I want to be the one that gets up at 6AM to prepare freshly baked bread & a hearty breakfast...apron & all. Then wake my son up at 7 promptly & invite him to join me at a perfectly set table... "Blueberry pancakes anyone?" A great way to start the day. But, NoOo... 

Ravn came out from his room around 5 minutes to 8 this morning & stated what time it was. I slowly lifted my head up from the couch, just to catch a glimps of him through what I only can describe as some sort of nest of hair that apparently had accumulated in front of my face during the night. I clawed my way out of it & made him some lunch in just about 2.5 minutes before he hugged me & walked out the door... As he said goodbye, I said something in the region of "Grrrgggllbbbrrrgglll!" & went face down on the couch again...

Anyone else o…

Want vs. Need

It's that time of year again, when the shops start sneaking in things that shouldn't really be out until late November. It feels wrong seeing stuff with snow crystals & Santas on now. We should be celebrating autumn's abundance...not the Ghost of xmas yet to come. On top of that people's already started to ask me what kinda "pressies" I want for my birthday & the holidays this year. o.O There's loads of unnecessary things I want...& a few things I truly need that time of year... Like warm socks, tea & candles...that's a need of mine since I use it, or rather abuse it. :P Now, what I want...that's a whole different ballgame. Let me give you a sneak peak at my looong wishlist:
This Merve Kahraman's Hybrid Chairwould look great as the head seat at the dining table, right? 1. Gun Doorknob, so much fun! 2. Chick-a-dee smoke detector. 3. Iron Man arm lamp. 4. Great wallpaper!. 5. This is the ultimate birthday cake! 6. Cursed Cookies an…

Gone to wwwaste...

Know what? I've probably thrown my internet router in the trash...cause I can't find it anywhere. o.O How the hell I managed that, I do not know. So I've been without the www on my PC  for a couple of weeks now...not the end of the world, but I have to admit that it felt nice to get a new one. :D Here's a quick summary of what's happened these two weeks:
...which is basically nothing. ;D 

Well, I'm gonna crank up the volume here... Cause I'm off to do the dishes & clean the floors & need music for that. Just waiting for my son to come home from his trip abroad. That means hugs & gifts. Win! ;P After that I'm making myself scarce, cause he's having friends over. :D Hmmm... What to do, what to do? Any suggestions? ;)

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend!? ...if not; at least try to make the best of it. ;)

"Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you."  ~Spanish Proverb.