I patiently await...

There's so many things on my "To-do"-list this fall... First of all I have a bunch of medical tests to get done, like a spinal puncture, SPECT, Doppler Halskar & so on. Then we have a new home to move in to... Which is a humongous task, but nonetheless one I'm looking forward to. Then there's this whole get in shape thing... Cause I've become quite the chunky monkey lately. (Set aside all the pain/my health issues...) I really have no excuse. Just been a lazy ass. So on my vision board there's a "Get back in touch with the warrior within"-reminder. I know she's hiding  in there...somewhere...probably covering down behind a wall of lard, stroking my mojo & calling it her 'precious'. (If your mind took a face dive into the gutter now, I'm guessing you have no affiliation with Lord of the Rings. ;D) 
This chunky monkey took a selfie after a night out on Saturday. Was not in the mood for being social that day... But I put on a smile & ventured out anyway. Yay me!
Aaaanyhow, the list goes on & on after that...& it seems like the one thing I want the most - a trip to the Emerald Isle, gets pushed further & further down. But there's nothing to frown upon... At least I won't get bored waiting for it. ;)

"Whenever I check my weight I always subtract 5 pounds. I don't think that boobs and brains this fabulous should ever count against me." ~Author Unknown.


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