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iOS 7.0

Dear Apple, If I wanted to get the "Microsoft look", I would buy a Microsoft based device.  Please give me the option to at least change the look. Cause I'm seriously contemplating buying another brand now. Sincerely yours, Linn K.  I t's safe to say that I can't stand the new look of iOS 7. It's F'UGLYYY! I just don't get why they wanted to make this flat & shitty design choice?  I t makes me feel like I'm on acid every time I check my phone. It felt like I owned a somewhat serious & grown up brand before... But now it's like I've got a cheap ass knockoff. The light colours & simple look actually makes me a bit emotional...& not in a good way. I detest it!!! ~Linn. "Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell." ~Edward Abbey.

True surprise

I got such a nice surprise today! Completely out of the blue too...  T he sun was shining & suddenly Mr. D. just whipped out a package & told me to open it & out came Eats, Drinks & Bites from Bon Temps ! Can't believe he remembered me mention must have been sometime last year maybe? Don't remember, & it really doesn't matter. :D It's here!  ...& I know I'll have a blast testing some of the recipes out. :)  ~Linn "Chemicals, n:  Noxious substances from which modern foods are made."  ~Author Unknown.

Rain or shine

O k... *sigh* ...this past day's been a tad bit unique. First of all I have to mention the vast rainbow I saw in the morning. Absolutely breathtaking! So I took that as a sign of good things to come. But got quite the rude awakening from the blissful state my mind was in when I managed to slip & fall in the bathtub. :P But I started to laugh cause it must have looked so idiotic. My arm hurts like hell & it's swollen...but I still get a grin thinking about it. ;P  This pic more or less explain what I felt during my whole "Tiiimbeeeer!" moment. *tardface* O n a more serious note... My friend's father got laid to rest this afternoon. My son & I felt really privileged to be able to share that moment with his closest family & friend. It was quite beautiful. The moment his urn was in the ground the rain stopped & the sun came out. Peaceful! We also shared a few laughs there by his final resting place...& that gave me a great feeling. It all

I patiently await...

T here's so many things on my "To-do"-list this fall... First of all I have a bunch of medical tests to get done, like a spinal puncture, SPECT, Doppler Halskar & so on. Then we have a new home to move in to... Which is a humongous task, but nonetheless one I'm looking forward to. Then there's this whole get in shape thing... Cause I've become quite the chunky monkey lately. (Set aside all the pain/my health issues...) I really have no excuse. Just been a lazy ass. So on my vision board there's a "Get back in touch with the warrior within"-reminder. I know she's hiding  in there...somewhere...probably covering down behind a wall of lard, stroking my mojo & calling it her 'precious'. (If your mind took a face dive into the gutter now, I'm guessing you have no affiliation with Lord of the Rings. ;D)  This chunky monkey took a selfie after a night out on Saturday.  Was not in the  mood for being social that day... But I

Soothing September

W e've been blessed with such an incredible summer this year. Loads of sunshine, blue skies, low amount of bloodsucking mosquitoes & not one complaint about the heat. Unfortunately there's also been a few gut-wrenching events too... Beautiful people that embarked on life's last journey. The saying: "It is not the years in your life, but the life in your years that counts." has truly been predominant these past few weeks. The notion that it's all so fleeting is always quite sobering when you get reminders like these. Still, life moves on... Weekdays turn into months & suddenly we welcome a new season...  A season of homemade oak liqueure tasting, warmer clothes, stargazing & foraging...& lets not forget longer nights, evenings spent under blankets, the kettle on the stove & candles flickering. It's a good time for reminiscense, but an even greater time to relinquish the controle you think you have on any future events...I mean, plan &a