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Summer's here

B een writing a whole lot this past month... But some of it was written while I were in the deep end of my emotional cesspool. Sooo I decided not to put it out here & ended up with this instead: S o, our National day came & went. As did the cold weather. It's already June & summer seem to be blessing us with some amazing weather. I probably should be outside enjoying it all...but to be honest, this whole house hunting thing I'm doing is all consuming. It feels like I'm balancing on the edge of sanity at times. Cause one part of me truly don't want to live here & might be sabotaging the whole project on some subconscious level...& the other part is constantly trawling the real estate market for a place suitable for our needs. So basically my actions are moving towards a future catering to my son's current educational needs & my thoughts are set on a whole different life for us. Parallel this I'm planning somewhat of a "career chang