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May's eve

A s I write this the sun's setting over our magical kingdom on this loveliest of eves. The streets are crawling with high school students celebrating their final spring semester. The 17 days of celebration starts tonight & ends on our National Day with a spectacular & also quite tacky parade. I personally love it. They get to party & be silly for a little while...a final bash, before they have to delve into higher education & the rest of their lives. I was pregnant as hell during my Russe-period ...but I still gave it a go. So to all you Russ out there: Have fun, be respectful & remember that even though you don't remember what you did - it still happened & you have to deal with the consequences, so ease up on the booze. ;) As I hear the Russ ' vans & busses hurl by with music blazing out their windows, I'm getting ready to go to a more quiet rendezvous. A lovely little beach where they've prepared a huge bonfire. Gonna throw a few thin