Wonky writing

I can't seem to transfer any pics from the memory card, so I'll just be showing you one pic today...& that's from my phone. Guess I'll be posting some of the others tomorrow. :P
This pic is just a 60 x 80 cm canvas that my niece wanted a quote on. When I finished I saw that it was crooked. That'll teach me to sit 10 cm from it! ;) BUT it also gave me an opportunity to embrace imperfection. Cause with every fiber in my being I wanted to destroy it & start over... Couldn't do that though, it had already reached her wall. :)
Well, here it is! In all it's wonky glory. xD
She "ordered" a few more, so guess I'm "back in business". ;P

Have a lot on my mind this evening. So just gonna get comfy & start writing it all down. Sometimes I wish writing could be a full time job. A fun notion...

Be well out there...& thank you for stopping by.

"You can't have any successes unless you can accept failure."  ~George Cukor.


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