Snusk i busk

Going to a psychiatrist is making me see certain people in a different light...or rather my perception is getting a tune-up. ;) I like the way he unscramble my radio waves. It makes all the mumbling going on inside, separate & turn into clarity. It feels like the anger inside is calming down...& that's the main reason I went there in the first place. The added bonus of self acceptance is something I didn't recon with. :)
After the brain archaeology I went on a little road-trip with Bill (the car) & his owner. ;) Didn't find what I was looking for waaaay out in the countryside...but I had a good time anyway. :) We ended up taking a little stroll to the seaside afterwards. Lovely weather, weird people doing random things in the bushes & amazing scenic views. Even met my son's uncle on a bench. Pretty sure I interrupted his meditation there, but it was so nice to see him again. :) 
Not much more to report about unfortunately. Can't wait for us to get a new place so I can blab about interior stuff again! Anyhow, gonna get tortured again tomorrow, so need my sleep! ;) Have a lovely day, wherever you are. :)

"Sometimes, perhaps, we are allowed to get lost that we may find the right person to ask directions of." ~Robert Brault.


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