Inferno 2013

Yet again, life got in the way of writing here. Been a tough couple of weeks health wise... But that's all past tense now, so moooving on. 

As I write this the church bells are chiming in the not so far distance, annoying the crap out of me... But it's Easter, & as all church-going people bathe in the luminous light of stained glass windows, a dark force has sieged our capital. They're seen cloaked in black & often bear the marks of idols from a bygone era. As the sun sets, the ancient rituals with roots back as far as Dionysian times will commence. Filled with drops of golden nectar All initiated will gather at the Altaar doing the sacred sign to call forth the deities. The Witchcraft used is so powerful that it makes their Fleshcrawl... Hell, it would even make ol' Hades Almighty proud! So therefor all their offerings are definitely not done In Vain... As the Gods call forth the beast-within, it induces a trancelike state where the initiated are all stripped of inhibition & worldly restraints. It is rumored that even the Devil walks among them at that instant... This infernal ruckus is called Inferno, or freedom to it's followers...& oh how I miss it. Next year my beloved, next year. 
...& to all my friends attending Oslo's finest festival: Hope you're having a f**king blast! ;)

Let's get lost in the dark, forget who we were, and resurface as something new. ~Author Unknown.


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