As usual the physical therapist used the "sucky-cup-device"-thingy on me today. But I got kinda queasy afterwards, so had to rush back here & locate the sofa...& I've basically been there all day. :/ Haven't been feeling all that good lately, but I'm trying to participate in everyday life anyway. But tonight I hunted down my bed early... So I'm here, squinting my eyes cause of the bright light on the phone, so...quite tired in other words. :)
Gonna leave you with a little past time I've been up to... If you're like me & like to keep your phone locked with a code, then it's a good idea to at least have some information on it in case something happens to you. I have close family listed underneath the "ICE" with name, number & relation. It really is enough to write it on a piece of paper, take a pic of it & use that as your screen. Up to you how much effort you wanna put into it.

Nite nite!
"Safety doesn't happen by accident." ~Author Unknown.


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