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Inferno 2013

Y et again, life got in the way of writing here. Been a tough couple of weeks health wise... But that's all past tense now, so moooving on.  A s I write this the church bells are chiming in the not so far distance, annoying the crap out of me... But it's Easter, & as all church-going people bathe in the luminous light of stained glass windows, a dark force has sieged our capital. They're seen cloaked in black & often bear the marks of idols from a bygone era. As the sun sets, the ancient rituals with roots back as far as Dionysian times will commence. Filled with drops of golden nectar All initiated will gather at the Altaar doing the sacred sign to call forth the deities. The Witchcraft used is so powerful that it makes their Fleshcrawl ... Hell, it would even make ol' Hades Almighty proud! So therefor all their offerings are definitely not done In Vain ... As the Gods call forth the beast-within, it induces a trancelike state where the initiated are all

Wonky writing

I can't seem to transfer any pics from the memory card, so I'll just be showing you one pic today...& that's from my phone. Guess I'll be posting some of the others tomorrow. :P This pic is just a 60 x 80 cm canvas that my niece wanted a quote on. When I finished I saw that it was crooked. That'll teach me to sit 10 cm from it! ;) BUT it also gave me an opportunity to embrace imperfection. Cause with every fiber in my being I wanted to destroy it & start over... Couldn't do that though, it had already reached her wall. :) Well, here it is! In all it's wonky glory. xD S he "ordered" a few more, so guess I'm "back in business". ;P H ave a lot on my mind this evening. So just gonna get comfy & start writing it all down. Sometimes I wish writing could be a full time job. A fun notion... B e well out there...& thank you for stopping by. ~Linn "You can't have any successes unless you can accept failur

The next 40 days

A ccording to an old superstition it apparently will be cold for the next 40 days. It goes something like this: "If on March 9th the wind bites,  The warm Spring won't come 'for forty nights." OK, so I made up the rhyme. Cause it so boooringly states: If it's cold & shitty weather on March 9th it's gonna be cold for 6 more weeks. ;P It's been right for most of the time. So it will be interesting to see if it'll hold up this year too. According to another superstition it's important to eat healthy from that day on. Just to give your immune system a boost. So stuff yourself with loads of natures bounty... Green's the colour. ;) I borrowed this beautiful pic from  ☞ THIS SITE . ☜   There's  loads more there, so have a look. :) I do realize how much I'm in-tuned with the natural cycle of the year. No hocus pocus or mumbo jumbo. It just seem like my body's waking up now that Spring's here. On Friday I got this


"I've tried it & I definitely do not like it!" ~my defiant former self. ;) ...& here comes 2013 & just blows me away with these lovely little italian gems. Can't decide between the Toscana ones or the Sicilian ones quite yet. Luxury problem you say? ;P Well...been in & out the doctor's today, so I'm in bed, dead tired, a bit hungry & have nothing else to write about except olives. ;) Do you like olives? ...& if you do, what dish do you prefer it in? Any tips? Cause I only like the snack variety. ;) Have to turn off my phone now, before I head off to, have a great night! (...or day.) ~Linn. "If the phone doesn't ring, it's me." ~Song title by Jimmy Buffet.

Snusk i busk

G oing to a psychiatrist is making me see certain people in a different light...or rather my perception is getting a tune-up. ;) I like the way he unscramble my radio waves. It makes all the mumbling going on inside, separate & turn into clarity. It feels like the anger inside is calming down...& that's the main reason I went there in the first place. The added bonus of self acceptance is something I didn't recon with. :) A fter the brain archaeology I went on a little road-trip with Bill (the car) & his owner. ;) Didn't find what I was looking for waaaay out in the countryside...but I had a good time anyway. :) We ended up taking a little stroll to the seaside afterwards. Lovely weather, weird people doing random things in the bushes & amazing scenic views. Even met my son 's uncle on a bench. Pretty sure I interrupted his meditation there, but it was so nice to see him again. :)  N ot much more to report about unfortunately. Can't wait fo


As usual the physical therapist used the "sucky-cup-device"-thingy on me today. But I got kinda queasy afterwards, so had to rush back here & locate the sofa...& I've basically been there all day. :/ Haven't been feeling all that good lately, but I'm trying to participate in everyday life anyway. But tonight I hunted down my bed early... So I'm here, squinting my eyes cause of the bright light on the phone, so...quite tired in other words. :) Gonna leave you with a little past time I've been up to... If you're like me & like to keep your phone locked with a code, then it's a good idea to at least have some information on it in case something happens to you. I have close family listed underneath the "ICE" with name, number & relation. It really is enough to write it on a piece of paper, take a pic of it & use that as your screen. Up to you how much effort you wanna put into it. Nite nite! ~Linn "Safety doesn&#


I t's been quite the eventful day... Got inspired by paint, & people. Been searching for tiles this evening, & all the new tiles available are nice... But the old worn tiles that's been around for a 150 years - worn & torn - THAT's the kinda tiles I want in my home. F ound this pic at that just sums it all up for me. I want my home to look lived in. Signs of centuries with pitter patter across the floors...durable materials...thing's that were ment to last. REAL craftsmanship. ~Linn "The years teach much which the days never knew."  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Y up, another collage... Not even a remotely good one. But I just wanted to show you what I've been up to this past month. ~Linn "The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there." ~Lesley P. Hartley.

Honey Bee Good

I 'm happier than a junebug in May! Got a call from a beekeeper I reached out to earlier today, & I actually got two! beekeepers on the other end of the line. :D ...sooo, the end result is that I'll be the proud owner of a honey jar on Tuesday! I'll try it out to see if it has the right kinda 'juice' aka pollen I need to keep my allergies at bay... Before they get out of hand & I have to use pharmaceuticals. If they work properly, I'll be asking veryyyyy politely  if I can get more from them on a regular basis.  Courtesy of : W hen I made my own beeswax creams years ago I remember reading about Rev. Lorenzo L. Langstroth & I dreamt about having a few of his beehives (19th century style) in the back yard & using an antique honey extractor to get it out. *blissful* Hmmm, where did that girl disappear to? Gosh... I've strayed so far from my path, & it's times like these I get flashbacks to what could've

Mellow Yellow

O h boy!!! When it's Sunday, it REALLY is SUN day!!! Blue skies, chilly breeze, bright warm sun & birds singing everywhere. If you could remove all the noisy cars from the equation, then everything would just be honky doodle dandy. ;P  B een in search of some local honey today, 'cause my regular supplier packed up & left the district. I usually eat a teaspoon a day, then my pollen allergies keep to a minimum. If you're having a hard time during the "allergy season" then this is really good advice. But it MUST be local. A lso been drawn to the colour yellow for a little while now & today it all exploded inside. ;) Have nothing to do with Easter or anything like that. Just warm mustardy yellow somehow soothes my soul these days. Nooot so much the wishy washy yellows out there. But I've put together a little collage to spruce things up a bit. ;) Every number near the bottom of the page is a link to where I found the pictures. So click away! C


...just sayin'. ;) ~Linn. "Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless."  ~Bill Watterson.

Dear Mother Nature

P lease release Spring from your wintery grasp... Cause I'm f**king craving freshly made Creamy Nettle Soup!!! For you out there that's already blessed with spring's bounty, here's the rather random recipe I use for  Creamy Nettle Soup 1 bucket of stingy nettles, the new sprigs of course A few teaspoons of butter Enough water to almost cover the nettles 1 large finely chopped onion 2 diced sweet potatoes (For the starch & sweet taste, you can use normal ones if you prefer that) Freshly chopped parsley Cream A pinch of chili Minced/grated Garlic cloves  Salt & pepper to taste I usually add or remove ingredients from the soup depending on the season & the people I've invited for dinner... But this is definitely the one I like best, cause the nettle taste comes through. Here's how you do it: Sweat the onions with the butter until lightly caramelized. Add the sweet potatoes, nettles & parsley. Let it come to a boil & add the res

Det Støre vil gjøre...

I read an article in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, that made me have a proper rant in my native tongue. Basically I disagree with the Norwegian Minister of health  who wants to legalize smoking heroin.  Here's the article.  ...& here's my non-translated rant: O verdosetallene er ikke en skam for Norge, det er en REALITET...som mange har en mening om eller rett & slett velger & ignorere. Problemet eksisterer en dog. Spørsmålet er hva kan vi gjøre for & bedre situasjonen? Men, som Støre foreslår - å nære oppunder misbruket er f**n meg helt bak mål! Vi lever i et godt land der politikerne dessverre syns det er viktigere å se bra ut utad enn & ta en skikkelig intern opprenskning. Så istede for & rette opp tidligere feil, er det visst bedre & dekke over de med flere intrikate løsninger - Som dessverre gjør vondt værre. Hvorfor kan de ikke heller se realiteten i hvitøyet, legge seg langflate & innrømme at et sted gikk det galt? Spiller de