The Tortoise and the Hare

This week's challenge for me is not negotiating better deals in the time frame I have... But rather venture out on a more action based approach towards a much faster solution to the problems at hand. Now THAT made my brain stroke out for a nanosecond. I thought: "This isn't like interior design, organizing spaces, planning events, or ANY design I do for that matter. This is a hardcore, self-reliant, instant business approach! What the *BLIP* do I know about that?!" Then I almost kicked myself... Cause it is familiar to me, I just need to take it off the shelf & dust it off. It's like I've been going around in a slow-motion haze. Action towards things that's TANGIBLE vs impalpable has always come easy...the latter, not so much. So, time for a little shift in awareness. This time the Hare will cross the finish line first. ;) ...enough of my blabber.
I found the picture HERE if you wondered. These sweet rings can be purchased HERE, courtesy of Jewellery Chic Boutique

Hope y'all had a great weekend! ...& an awesome start of the new week.

"All know the way, few actually walk it." ~Bodhidharma.


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