The Nominees

I'll get right to it... I got surprised that Skyfall didn't get included in the Best Picture. It's a classic! ...& a f**king well made one too!! Hope they at least take home one of the Music awards. To be honest, I think the scale's slightly tipping towards BORING hearing the Oscar nominees this time. But only slightly. I'm glad to see both Django Unchained & Silver Linings Playbook up there... Hope one of them takes home the little golden guy.
I'm also rooting for: 
Joaquin Phoenix or Bradley Cooper for Actor in a Leading Role
Jennifer Lawrence for Actress in a Leading Role
Colleen Atwood for her Snow White and the Huntsman Costume Design (Got pure love for this woman's talent!)
The Hobbit for Makeup and Hairstyling 
...& last, but not least
I hope Kon-Tiki grabs the Foreign Language Film award. Gooo NORWAY!!! ;)
"You don't take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it."  ~Author Unknown.


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