Watched my son make a cake for one of his classmates today. Hope she'll like the birthday gesture. :P Must say that I was a tad bit impressed... No Choccywoccydoodah, but flippin' awesome nonetheless!
My life's quite uneventful these days. I've started taking an excess amount of pictures of the orchids here...& I've actually started to care whether or not my cat takes a chunk out of them. Today he jumped over one & managed to break off quite a few flowers. I got kinda upset & put them in a bowl of water on the table, so they could live longer...? o.O I have nightmare scenarios in my head about one more year of pain & nothings. Feels like I'm living someone else's life...& I detest this existence, immensely. Great Goddess, I hope I'll get out soon...
Well, here's the before & after pics of the whole Cat vs. Orchid event:
Exciting ey? Zzz... o.O

"Grasp your opportunities, no matter how poor your health; nothing is worse for your health than boredom."  ~Mignon McLaughlin.


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