Morning rush

Woke up 9:30 today... Had to rush down to my meeting with the psychologist. It's nice to have another person's perspective on my life. One who's not personally involved. I like to go through issues systematically, no matter how trivial they are. This is my way to move on to the next phase of my life...part with the past in a healthy way. 
After I had the session with the psychologist, I walked over to the physical therapist. He must have been a torturer in a previous life... He started to press on a muscle that I'm quite sure was directly connected with my right eyeball. o.O It hurt so flippin' much. My alter ego Sailor Sally came out & swore like she just had been wronged by a land-lubber in a Tortuga bar... Aaaaarrrrgghhh!! ;)
My excursion ended with a visit to my friend's workshop. Had a nice chat with her & her friend. She had some killer bar stools & a few other projects which I loved. Can't wait to start picking out fabric there for our home. :D I'll see if I might get a few snapshots of some of here things the next time I go there.
Gonna crawl up in bed now & read a book... Hope you're having a lovely week!
Jeebuz! My forehead's the size of Grand Canyon...
But I'm at least stuffing it with knowledge. (Hence the book.) XD
"Learn how to exhale, the inhale will take care of itself."  ~Carla Melucci Ardito.


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