Got inspired today!

Had an amazing day in Oslo with Gine. A lovely blue sky, temperature creeping down towards -20C & all smiles!
Looked at some insane textiles & wallpapers at Poesi & Marathon Design. Got so inspired! Sooo looking forward to the spring now. A new workshop, making furniture & revamping old things. Gonna be a blessedly creative & lucrative year. Fingers crossed that my health will sustain the process. 
Here's a few links if you want to take a look at some of the gems I laid my eyes on today:
Zink's new collections
...check out the Romo Black edition too. It reminded me of old faded lime-rendered walls. Really cool.
Zoffany's Quartz wallpapers are amazing! 
I've completely fallen in love with one of the Ivy leaf wallpapers. Not gonna give away exactly which one, cause I'm going to use it in the new house. ;)
Osborne & Little's Spring Collection 2013 is also worth a look.
I'm also going to treat myself with a new picnic 'basket' for the summer season...what do you think? 
...crap pic, but it looks great right?? ;D The different sections are held together with magnets, so they're easy to take apart & put into your car or spread out on the picnic blanket. PURE LOVE! 


These gems have life in them:  their colors speak, say what words fail of.  ~George Eliot.


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