Bergens Udstillingen 1898

Since I apparently have no life, I do have an obscene amount of time on my hands...& when curiosity get the better of me I find myself going through the suitcases & boxes left behind by my ancestors. The amount of homemade handkerchiefs with lace trim is staggering. I love them! Especially those I know my great grandparents used - & made. A few of them have their names embroidered on...& I can't help but feel connected. Carefully running my fingers across the stitches, knowing they've done the same. :)
Found one from a world fair held in Bergen in 1898, the International Fisheries Exposition. It's quite lovely don't you think?
Marie Olsen is the name embroidered on one side of the handkerchief.
Wonder how it was back then... Cleaner air, cordial greetings, experiencing the dawn of the technological revolution. I imagine it to have been a magical era. ;)

It's a clear sky now... Stars are twinkling & the moon's shining bright. Think I'm gonna step outside & take a whiff of the cool crisp air. :)

"Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting."  ~Edmund Burke.


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