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The Tortoise and the Hare

T his week's challenge for me is not negotiating better deals in the time frame I have... But rather venture out on a more action based approach towards a much faster solution to the problems at hand. Now THAT made my brain stroke out for a nanosecond. I thought: "This isn't like interior design, organizing spaces, planning events, or ANY design I do for that matter. This is a hardcore, self-reliant, instant business approach! What the *BLIP* do I know about that?!" Then I almost kicked myself... Cause it is familiar to me, I just need to take it off the shelf & dust it off. It's like I've been going around in a slow-motion haze. Action towards things that's TANGIBLE vs impalpable has always come easy...the latter, not so much. So, time for a little shift in awareness. This time the Hare will cross the finish line first. ;) ...enough of my blabber. I found the picture HERE  if you wondered. These sweet rings can be purchased HERE , courtesy of Jewe

Vanilla peace

M y evening's been quiet. Been watching Taken 2 & enjoying the peace...between the action scenes. ;) When I finally looked out the window it was snowing. :D Perfect for a January weekend! R avn just came home from the Winter Ball at his school... So I'm gonna debrief him now. Haha! Plus maybe steal a piece of his grandmother's vanilla cake. ;P She's flippin' awesome when it comes to cakes! S o, I'll leave you with a few pics from my little excursion today... Have a great night! Day, evening, morning or whatever it is where you are. ;) ~Linn "Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Coincidence?  I think not!" ~Author Unknown.

Vestside view

J ust stopping by to show you what an amazing view I had today. The picture is taken on Jeløy in Moss. On a clear day you can see across the Oslofjord & over to Vestfold.  I'll talk be back later... Have a lovely day until then. ;) ~Linn "The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea."  ~Isak Dinesen.

That special place

E veryone deserves a home that makes them happy, don't you think? It's important to have that special place that lifts your spirit, relaxes the body & soothes the mind. So, if you close your eyes & picture your perfect little haven...  Maybe this is your piece of heaven?  Courtesy of Espen Grønli. Pic found HERE . What would it look like? Soft fabrics, a cold colour pallet & natural wood? Vibrant colours, retro furniture & ethnic decor? Masculine corners, dark furniture & shiny metallic eye-catchers? What are you drawn to? Now take a look around you... Does it reflect your dreams & personal taste? No matter where you are, if it's in a mansion, a flat or a rented room I think it's important to make it yours. Of course it stops itself on how much you can do with rented spaces. But I strongly believe that the things you do own should reflect your inner desires. So, if you're design challenged, but have a vision & a fat wallet - Hire som

Got inspired today!

H ad an amazing day in Oslo with Gine. A lovely blue sky, temperature creeping down towards -20C & all smiles! L ooked at some insane textiles & wallpapers at Poesi & Marathon Design. Got so inspired! Sooo looking forward to the spring now. A new workshop, making furniture & revamping old things. Gonna be a blessedly creative & lucrative year. Fingers crossed that my health will sustain the process.  H ere's a few links if you want to take a look at some of the gems I laid my eyes on today: Zink's new collections ...check out the Romo Black edition too. It reminded me of old faded lime-rendered walls. Really cool. Zoffany's Quartz wallpapers are amazing!  I've completely fallen in love with one of the Ivy leaf wallpapers. Not gonna give away exactly which one, cause I'm going to use it in the new house. ;) Osborne & Little's Spring Collection 2013 is also worth a look. I'm also going to treat myself with a new picnic 

Cocktail & dreams...

N ot sleepy at all... So I ended up browsing Martha Stewart's site . There's a lot of good drink recipes there....that can easily turn into non-alcoholic ones, if you prefer that. I don't drink that often, but I do miss having dinner parties at home... Cocktails make it kinda fun & kick it up a notch.  I found most of the pics at Martha Stewart's Summer drinks . If that's your 'cup of tea' - enjoooy! ;) W ell, enough nonsense from me... Gonna tryyy to get some sleep now. Nite nite! ~Linn. "I am thankful for the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends."  ~Nancie J. Carmody.

Morning rush

W oke up 9:30 today... Had to rush down to my meeting with the psychologist. It's nice to have another person's perspective on my life. One who's not personally involved. I like to go through issues systematically, no matter how trivial they are. This is my way to move on to the next phase of my life...part with the past in a healthy way.  After I had the session with the psychologist, I walked over to the physical therapist. He must have been a torturer in a previous life... He started to press on a muscle that I'm quite sure was directly connected with my right eyeball. o.O It hurt so flippin' much. My alter ego Sailor Sally came out & swore like she just had been wronged by a land-lubber in a Tortuga bar... Aaaaarrrrgghhh!! ;) M y excursion ended with a visit to my friend's workshop . Had a nice chat with her & her friend. She had some killer bar stools & a few other projects which I loved. Can't wait to start picking out fabric there for ou


Y esterday I wrote about people cycling on the frozen ice... Well, today I read in the local newspaper that a man on a bicycle went through the ice not far from where we were. He unfortunately died. Apparently he wasn't from Norway, so perhaps he didn't know how to take the proper precautions when venturing out on the ice. It's awful knowing that when my reality was all 'reminiscent-la-di-dah', his was fighting for his life... Rest in peace, whoever you were. Found this beautiful picture HERE Made me realize that the unresolved issues I have concerning certain family matters needed to get aired. Don't want to be in a situation where I'm faced with oblivion & haven't said my peace. So I decided to get some of them off my chest. Just hope it won't come back & bite my ass... ~Linn "Lif e is like a coin.  You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once."   ~Lillia n Dickson.

Braving the ice

B een out & about today, quite chilly...but definitely worth the trip outside. Went to Våler to pick up my son, then to Alby on Jeløy . Got a few pics along the way... (The ones I use here have low resolution... But you get a glimpse of my day at least. ;)) W hen winter's like this it takes me back to my childhood. Watching families have fun on frozen lakes, even a few cycling fanatics braving the ice... (That's dedication for ya. ;D) Kinda surrealistic seeing Tour de Ice going on around two men fishing in a freshly drilled hole . (Completely forgot to stop & take pics of that... stupid .) Kids running around in the forest shouting & having fun sliding down small snow covered you remember that? If you've been blessed with a good childhood, the innocence of that time is something that'll rush back to you when you're faced with certain sounds, smells & situations. Hot beverage in a thermos, catching snowflakes with your tongue & th

Bergens Udstillingen 1898

S ince I apparently have no life, I do have an obscene amount of time on my hands...& when curiosity get the better of me I find myself going through the suitcases & boxes left behind by my ancestors. The amount of homemade handkerchiefs with lace trim is staggering. I love them! Especially those I know my great grandparents used - & made. A few of them have their names embroidered on...& I can't help but feel connected. Carefully running my fingers across the stitches, knowing they've done the same. :) Found one from a world fair held in Bergen in 1898, the International Fisheries Exposition. It's quite lovely don't you think? Marie Olsen is the name embroidered on one side of the handkerchief. Wonder how it was back then... Cleaner air, cordial greetings, experiencing the dawn of the technological revolution. I imagine it to have been a magical era. ;) I t's a clear sky now... Stars are twinkling & the moon's shining bright. Think


W atched my son make a cake for one of his classmates today. Hope she'll like the birthday gesture. :P Must say that I was a tad bit impressed... No Choccywoccydoodah , but flippin' awesome nonetheless! M y life's quite uneventful these days. I've started taking an excess amount of pictures of the orchids here...& I've actually started to care whether or not my cat takes a chunk out of them. Today he jumped over one & managed to break off quite a few flowers. I got kinda upset & put them in a bowl of water on the table, so they could live longer...? o.O I have nightmare scenarios in my head about one more year of pain & nothings. Feels like I'm living someone else's life...& I detest this existence, immensely. Great Goddess, I hope I'll get out soon... Well, here's the before & after pics of the whole Cat vs. Orchid event: Exciting ey? Zzz... o.O ~Linn. "Grasp your opportunities, no matter how poor your health; n

Vegging out...

Spending the evening on this couch below (check out the pic.) ...& loving it may I add. ;) Had a looong day. ~Linn. "Psychoanalysis is confession without absolution. " ~G.K. Chesterton.

Down under...

B ack in 2009 I had a cervical smear test to look for cancer & other f'uglyness. They found some abnormality, so I had a CONISATION . I got some local anesthesia & let them cut the crappy part out. (Yes, I was biggie.) I've been back for a 2nd check-up today & jeeeeeeebus!!! That wasn't a comfortable situation to be in. But, I've done it's just the grueling part of waiting for the results that lies ahead. :) Why I'm sharing something this intimate is that I advocate the importance of getting yourself checked for precancerous cells lurking around "down there". It's better to catch those little suckers before they develope into something a bit more sinister. So if you're a woman, book yourself an appointment with your gynecologist the first chance you get...& if you're a man & have that special someone in your life, pass this message along to her. ;)  ~Linn "He who takes medicine and neglects to


L oving someone unconditionally just comes naturally when it comes to your kids, closest family & those special few that comes along once in a blue moon... I have loads of acquaintances, but not many good friends...& that actually works for me. But it sucks when one of those betray the trust I've put out there. Then the light, wonderful magic that formed the friendship just turn into something dark that festers under the surface... Just waiting to ooze out of the gaping hole that I ripped open... I have to rip it open when it's like that... So both of us can heal. I forgive, but I never forget. That's the essence of the lessons life hands out. To really learn from your mistakes. To never hit the repeat button. To move on. It's probably jibberish for you reading this... Just had to have an outlet. H ope your weekend was lovely. :) Nite! ~Linn. “I know I am but summer to your heart, and not the full four seasons of the year.” ~Edna St. Vincent Millay.


W as going to write last night, but I fell asleep. Tried to watch Haywire again... Hoping that I got it wrong the first time I saw it... That it wasn't as sucky as I first perceived.  But unfortunately I got it right the first time around. I actually fell asleep watching it this time. "Action" you say? Faaaaaar from it! With a cast like that it really had potential... But some drugged up freak sack decided it was a good idea to cram in all the left-over tracks from Ocean 11, 12 & 13 every chance he got. The music gave me nightmares of being in a retirement community in Florida... Wearing a velvet jumpsuit, eating all my meals through a straw & playing baccarat with toothless Dick.  Anyway... I really like Gina Carano , so hope that she'll get a role in the future where she can stand out a bit more.  ~Linn Healthy children will not fear life if their elders have integrity enough not to fear death.   ~Erik H. Erikson.

The Nominees

I 'll get right to it... I got surprised that Skyfall didn't get included in the Best Picture. It's a classic! ...& a f**king well made one too!! Hope they at least take home one of the Music awards. To be honest, I think the scale's slightly tipping towards BORING hearing the Oscar nominees this time. But only slightly. I'm glad to see both Django Unchained & Silver Linings Playbook up there... Hope one of them takes home the little golden guy. Courtesy of I 'm also rooting for:  Joaquin Phoenix or Bradley Cooper for Actor in a Leading Role Jennifer Lawrence for Actress in a Leading Role Colleen Atwood for her Snow White and the Huntsman Costume Design (Got pure love for this woman's talent!) The Hobbit for Makeup and Hairstyling  ...& last, but not least I hope Kon-Tiki grabs the Foreign Language Film award. Gooo NORWAY!!! ;) ~Linn "You don't take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borr


J ust been watching Arrow .  Courtesy of With a Zzznoring Mom on one side of the sofa & my son lounging on the other. Arrow's growing on me... Mostly cause of the archery. :p Damn... I miss shooting my recurve bow. It makes me so focused & completely zen. Have to get some sleep now... ~ Linn. "War hath no fury like a noncombatant."   ~Charles Edward Montague, Disenchantment.


S pent most of the day horizontally today. Just trying to relax as much as possible... Doctor's order. :) Linn


I 'm sorry for my lame ass updates these days... Trying to do the 'Write 365 days in a row'-thingy. Doesn't work well with home hunting + a health that's crappy. Right now for instant I'm sick to my stomach & in tears, cause of the pain in my neck... It even makes me sensitive to the bright light on the screen. Counting the hours to my physical therapist appointment. Linn "Healthy children will not fear life if their elders have integrity enough not to fear death."   ~Erik H. Erikson.

Lazy weekend

N ot much to report... Had a lazy weekend. House hunting... Yuuup, you read right. Aaaanyway... Just stopping by to wish you all a lovely night - or day, depending on which side of the planet you're on. ~Linn "Old houses mended, Cost little less than new before they're ended." ~Colley Cibber.


W atching UFC ... Not thrilling at all... Think I'm just generally bored today. My back's been acting up, so most of the day's been spent on my ass.  Thoughts are rummaging around in my head though... Trying to locate that place inside that summons the strength I need for the next couple of weeks. :) Gonna get some sleep now... G ood night world. ;) ~Linn. "It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home."   ~Author Unknown.

Jack Reacher

A lmost midnight here. Just got out of the cinema... My Mom handed me two tickets to see Jack Reacher this evening, so I dragged my son Ravn with me.  Courtesy of I enjoyed watching cars & people getting wrecked... Even contemplated the notion of being a drifter. The freedom in that is quite appealing. :) After I found out that Tom Cruise did his own stunts I kinda appreciated his work more... Oooh, & seeing Robert Duvall suddenly appear was just a pleasant surprise!  The only downside of this movie experience was the couple in front of me... Flippin' annoying! All lovey-dovey smooching & he was rubbing her hand with his thumb all trough the movie... WHO DOES THAT?! Are you trying to drill a hole through her hand? o.O I had to show A LOT of restraint not to kick them in the head... So kinda proud of myself actually...very Zen-like of me. LOL! NO, what that really means is that the movie had enough action in it to distract


T ook a few pics while I was out walking tonight. Felt a warm breeze when walking by this spring. Not much snow around it either. A peaceful & tranquil place smack in the middle of houses, roads, etc. Perfect for taking a little breather... ~Linn. "Deep within the winter forest among the snowdrift wide, You can find a magic place where all the fairies hide..."   ~Author Unknown.


H ad quite the uneventful day. A visit to the physical therapist & that's about it. My mind kept drifting towards a sheep in Valdres I named "Linn Kaare"...hope he/she ( Hermaphrodite ) is still alive. *fingers crossed* ;) Linn Kaare is the one to the right, striking a pose. ;) Have to get some sleep now... ~Linn "An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."  ~Martin Buber.

Happy 2013!

January 1st, Oh how I've longed for you! T his beautiful white month started out blessing us with sunshine & a blue sky with clouds drifting by. Simply lovely! These are my New Year's Resolutions: Accountability is vital for it to be followed through... So I've decided to write my resolutions here. :) 1   I've decided to be insanely organized , stick to my budget & plan almost everything ahead this year... But at the same time I need to be able to continuously flow with the seasonal cycle , cause my spirituality depends on it. 2   Put down roots somewhere. 3   We will be going on more vacations this year, to broaden our horizons. 4   Hopefully I'll be able to put my guard down & expand my social circle. 5   Healthy living... With a varied diet & Nurturing my inner child aka Having more fun , Believing in - & Loving myself, Breaking a sweat on a regular basis & maintain a mental wellness . 6   I also vow to do more of t