It's my birthday!

As my 33rd year comes to an end... I look back & acknowledge that it's not one to jot down in any history books. It's been remarkable plain, painful & downright boring. It's been a year of insight & revelations. Can say that it's been next to no personal gain, but a tremendous amount of loss. I've tried to do my best to focus on the few blessings I've had, but it's been hard. It seem like my mojo's taken a permanent vacation.
So now that I'm stepping in to my 34th year... I'm contemplating what I want to happen next... I want to get well, have a pain-free existence, start making serious money again, laugh with friends & family, have a creative outlet, travel more, just lead my kind of luxury living. Lets hope I haven't used up all my fairy godmother blessings. ;)

Have to get up in 4 nite nite!

"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional." ~Chili Davis.


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