Was at the movies yesterday evening. :) Watched the latest James Bond flick...& without giving up too much, lets just say that 007 is going back to his roots. With villains to die for... (No pun intended. ;) ) ...& a scenery that's simply breathtaking.
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Daniel Craig is nothing less than perfect for the role. He brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the character. It's such a leap from the sleazy portrayal of 007 we know all too well, to what I perceive as the quintessential Brit he always should have been.  I will actually go so far to say that Sean Connery aka the James Bond might have to step down from his 50 year long reign & let Craig be regent, at least until the next movie... Then we can decide if the coronation of a new Monarch is a necessity. ;) if you want an escape from everyday life, then go & spend a couple of hours with Mr. Craig, Dame Dench & Mr. Bardem -who brings an impressive interpretation of what I see as a classic villain. :)


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