Raindrops are falling...

Can't believe it's Saturday already! I've planted my behind firmly in bed. No, I'm not going to sleep. It's just nice to sit here all quietly & listen to the rain gently tapping the window. Been planning the Thanksgiving menu...& no, I do not celebrate the American Thanksgiving, but rather just a gathering to celebrate the last autumnal bounty & give thanks to nature for providing. & hey, lets face it... I'll jump on ANY excuse to make sweet potato pie & stuffing. ;D I just think it's nice to make your own traditions. When I became a Mom it just became very important to give my son a strong awareness of the seasons...& what's the best way to do that? Follow the way of the old...& not a clock ticking on a wall. ;)
Now I've moved my a** into the living room. Had to see Stjernekamp. I'm rooting for 

Tonight they have to perform in my least favorite genres... But I'll suffer through it - for Tuva! ;P Haha!

You can cage the singer but not the song. ~Harry Belafonte.


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