Nickname Mr. Pain

Good morning! I woke up at 7am as usual, but my body refused to get out of bed until it was almost 8 O'Clock. o.O .oO(Seriously, I look like a crooked old shrew in the mornings.) There's a reason for that of for the past couple of weeks I've been going to physiotherapy. I'm one of those that clench my teeth & get on with it when it comes to pain. But seriously, the physical therapist I'm going to... He's really great, & funny! But, I've called him "F**king c**k!" a couple of times now. Yesterday he worked on my neck & shoulder area at first, I could deal with that... Then he made my spine crack on various places...dealt with that too, pretty gracefully may I add - NOT! *LOL* But after he used the heat treatment & starting messing about on my lower back I got a bit loud & kinda wished him pain. :p I'm usually good at controlling myself... But having a hard time doing that around "Mr. Pain". Hmmm... Go figure! ;) Anyway! When the treatment was over & he tried to move the heating device, one of the wheels broke off...& when he tried to put it back on, the top of it came crashing down hitting him in the head. Leeeets just say that I chuckled when I walked out of there. :p
Now it's time for another exit. These sweet guys in the pic above greet me every morning, but I just can't get anything done with all the noise today. So I'll get my butt out in the world & get a few things I need to finish off a few projects I have lined up for the weekend.

...stop by this evening will you? I'm gonna post a couple of things I've made for Fathers day. Can't give away everything, just in case my dad reads this... But I'll be able to offer up a few hints at least. ;)

Have a blessed day!

Take time to smell the roses & eventually you'll inhale a bee. ~Author Unknown.


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