A hint...

I shouldn't have gone out today... Feels like I'm on fire. You know when you burn your finger on a lit candle? That's basically how I've been feeling for the past 9  hours. So, I'm afraid that I only have one quick pic of what I'm giving my dad on Sunday. I can show you more tomorrow. :) 
Since forever my Dad's been flying planes, both military & commercial... So, I let it inspire me a tad bit. 
I've just used an old atlas book & ripped out the pages for the decoration. Wrapped the wine bottle, so he doesn't see what kinda wine it is until he takes it off. Then I recycled a cardboard box, & a bit more of one of the atlas pages...then I used my 1 dollar rubber "With Love" stamp to add a little interest. ;p The little card says "Thanks!" on the front & then I've written a thing I'm thankful for on the back. Then I've made a simple paper airplane, also out of a map.
I'll give him a basked filled with things, coupons, snacks, gift card & whatever else I can think of...& I will continue the map/plane thing with everything. 

I've been lousy at giving people presents the last couple of years. Going to improve on that from now on...

Have to take a painkiller & go to bed now... See* you tomorrow!

Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes. ~Gloria Naylor.


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