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Just a quick update...

I had to get away for a while, so now I'm in Valdres.

I'll write more when I get back home. :)

Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours." ~Robert Byrne.

A hint...

I shouldn't have gone out today... Feels like I'm on fire. You know when you burn your finger on a lit candle? That's basically how I've been feeling for the past 9  hours. So, I'm afraid that I only have one quick pic of what I'm giving my dad on Sunday. I can show you more tomorrow. :) 
Since forever my Dad's been flying planes, both military & commercial... So, I let it inspire me a tad bit. 
I've just used an old atlas book & ripped out the pages for the decoration. Wrapped the wine bottle, so he doesn't see what kinda wine it is until he takes it off. Then I recycled a cardboard box, & a bit more of one of the atlas pages...then I used my 1 dollar rubber "With Love" stamp to add a little interest. ;p The little card says "Thanks!" on the front & then I've written a thing I'm thankful for on the back. Then I've made a simple paper airplane, also out of a map.
I'll give him a basked filled with thi…

Nickname Mr. Pain

Good morning! I woke up at 7am as usual, but my body refused to get out of bed until it was almost 8 O'Clock. o.O .oO(Seriously, I look like a crooked old shrew in the mornings.) There's a reason for that of for the past couple of weeks I've been going to physiotherapy. I'm one of those that clench my teeth & get on with it when it comes to pain. But seriously, the physical therapist I'm going to... He's really great, & funny! But, I've called him "F**king c**k!" a couple of times now. Yesterday he worked on my neck & shoulder area at first, I could deal with that... Then he made my spine crack on various places...dealt with that too, pretty gracefully may I add - NOT! *LOL* But after he used the heat treatment & starting messing about on my lower back I got a bit loud & kinda wished him pain. :p I'm usually good at controlling myself... But having a hard time doing that around "Mr. Pain". Hmmm... Go f…

Preparing gifts

Ok, writing from bed now, so please keep your expectations really low. (Disregard the spelling too... I'm Norwegian, tired & blonde. ;) )
So, going to tell you all about my visit with Mr. Pain when I wake up...& show you what I'm preparing for Fathers day & the oh so famous 24 day December calendar in the afternoon.
Maybe a person's time would be as well spent raising food as raising money to buy food. ~Frank A. Clark.

4 more years

When I went to sleep last night I wondered if the world would somehow be different in the morning...

It's bedtime here in my little nook on this planet... So nite nite! ;)

Teamwork divides the task & multiplies the success. ~Author Unknown


Was at the movies yesterday evening. :) Watched the latest James Bond flick...& without giving up too much, lets just say that 007 is going back to his roots. With villains to die for... (No pun intended. ;) ) ...& a scenery that's simply breathtaking.
Courtesy of Daniel Craig is nothing less than perfect for the role. He brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the character. It's such a leap from the sleazy portrayal of 007 we know all too well, to what I perceive as the quintessential Brit he always should have been.  I will actually go so far to say that Sean Connery aka the James Bond might have to step down from his 50 year long reign & let Craig be regent, at least until the next movie... Then we can decide if the coronation of a new Monarch is a necessity. ;) if you want an escape from everyday life, then go & spend a couple of hours with Mr. Craig, Dame Dench & Mr. Bardem -who brings an impressive interpretation of what I see …


For as long as I remember I've followed the seasons, gathered whatever nature had on offer & used it the following season. But as winter fast approaches I realize that my larder isn't exactly runneth over with the plentiful bounty of yesteryears. o.O I'm actually annoyed by the long list I had to jot down last night. Of course we have enough to last a really really long time... 
But NOT with the things I like to have at hand - the homemade goodies. Oh, & I have to say.......getting winter supplies is looong overdue. So got my work cut out for me this week. But, I'll enjoy every friggin' second of it. ;)

We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are. ~Anais Nin.

Raindrops are falling...

Can't believe it's Saturday already! I've planted my behind firmly in bed. No, I'm not going to sleep. It's just nice to sit here all quietly & listen to the rain gently tapping the window. Been planning the Thanksgiving menu...& no, I do not celebrate the American Thanksgiving, but rather just a gathering to celebrate the last autumnal bounty & give thanks to nature for providing. & hey, lets face it... I'll jump on ANY excuse to make sweet potato pie & stuffing. ;D I just think it's nice to make your own traditions. When I became a Mom it just became very important to give my son a strong awareness of the seasons...& what's the best way to do that? Follow the way of the old...& not a clock ticking on a wall. ;)
Now I've moved my a** into the living room. Had to see Stjernekamp. I'm rooting for 
Tuva Syversen(Pic taken by Julia Naglestad/NRK)
Tonight they have to perform in my least favorite genres... But I'll suffe…

Wonky candle

I'm in bed already. Been a long day... Just stopped by to wish you a fantastic weekend + show off my first homemade candle this season. I failed bigtime!!! :D But that's the charm of homemade - anything - really... ;)

Nite nite! <3 br="br">


November is here! Naked branches, smoke rising from the chimney tops & long cozy evenings in front of a fire. Yeay!!!
Loads to look forward to... Thanksgiving (aka the last autumn feast of the year), fathers day, a few birthdays, preparing little calendar gifts for my son, holiday decorations & so on... It's nice getting to dabble.

The snow's gone & rain's pouring down...& that's really alright by me. I need autumn to last a bit longer. But have to admit, I'm starting to get a few butterflies flapping around in my stomach... Cause Yule/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah or whatever you call it is a magical time of year.

On a sadder note... Someone I cherished a lifetime ago was buried today. It reminds me of how sick & tired I am of "what if's & why didn't I's"...

What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner. ~Colette.