The good, the bad & the ugly

Today I can honestly say that I feel like the worse mum ever! I started my day beginning to reVamp my Mum's kitchen, it ended up with me - without energy... Which resulted in me not going to my son's dance recital... I feel butt ugly... Inside & out... :/
I hope I get to see it on film... But as he said: "It wont be the same as seeing it live. :("

Well, what can I do? Hmm... I can at least show you some pics of the good. So here goes:
As you see, it's only one corner of the entire kitchen, but I'll get there eventually... Getting my son's forgiveness is another thing. He do understands it all though, with me being "under the weather" for months. But I get his disappointment was important for him. Even though he's 15 years old, he's not one of those "Get the *blip* out of my room!"-kinda kids. He's actually a VERY good kid. So Ravn, if you're bothering to read this today - I'm sorry!!! ♥ ;) xxx

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. ~Paul Boese.


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