Just popping by to wish you who bother to read my blog a 
Fabulous Friday!

Crappy pic, but it's a park just 2 min. walk from me.
I haven't had hundreds of thousands hits every single month, just a tiny but steady incline every week...& that's kinda fun! Looking at my stats I've seen visitors from all over the world, USA, China, Russia, Colombia, Japan, Ukraine, to name a few...& the same countries seem to pop up every single time I check. :) I didn't really know if it was correct until I recently started getting mails from people saying that it was nice that I've started blogging regularly. (Odd, cause I seem to only complain & moan these days... :p Hehe.) I don't know if I'll be able to continue doing it every day after my 31 day challenge...but this thing is like my personal vent sometimes, my online shrink. So it might be doing me some good to continue? Time will tell. Anyway, THANK YOU for using your precious time reading about my wasted time. ;) ...& I do appreciate you dropping me a line once in a while. (Even though it takes me a while to answer back.) It's refreshing! 

Yet another crappy pic, but I do love how blue pop in autumn.

Crappy pic #3! The trains usually rush by this building...
Love how windows tells a story... Or maybe I'm just a raving lunatic? ;p

PSST! I've managed to get together a menu for Halloween, so the next thing on the list is to get the whole decoration under control. I absolutely love doing things like this!

Many people's tombstones should read, "Died at 30. Buried at 60." ~Nicholas Murray Butler.


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