Sin Festival 2012

A little while ago my mum & son got me a ticket to see Cavebones at the Sin Festival in Moss. Had saved up some extra energy, so I decided to use it on this experience. ...& what an experience it was. It started with the Moron PoliceNever heard them before but have to say that they delivered 100% bonkers-music. Couldn't stop smiling. Kooky f**kers!

 One flight of stairs up & the Cavebones let loose both 'their bitches' & rattled their pre-historic bones. While crazy tones spewed out of the speakers, boobs flapped, fur covered asses churned, bone(r)s rose & my walls came crumbling was pure fun! :D

But the wild card of the evening was LedFoot. The only reference I had to the man was gazing across the rail tracks at a train platform. If the place was deserted I would swear I'd just stepped into the 1800s. A scrawny but steadfast character stood in front of a villain in Lucky Luke or something. His hat cast a shadow over his pale white face, & he was pacing back & forth. I remember thinking .oO(...where's the steam locomotive & tumbleweed when you need them?) But there he was, in front of me - yet again, but this time he was accompanied by his 12 string guitar...& this time my thoughts where .oO(That's a living legend up there...) It's been a long time since I felt this way about music. Felt a bit like I got lured into the deep waters by Nøkken & drowned for a while there... Dramatic ey? ;P The only downside was that some of the 'audience' couldn't keep their mouth shut. Disrespectful behavior. But still, it didn't ruin it for me...made me listen harder. ;)

Tonight the Sin Festival continues...& I'm too exhausted to attend. The only thing I'm sad to miss is Satyricon. I had my metamorphosis to Mother North. But that's a whole other story...

Have a lovely Saturday, wherever you are. 

A painter paints pictures on canvas.  But musicians paint their pictures on silence.  ~Leopold Stokowski.


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