(Managed to fall asleep before clicking the publish button, & now it's past midnight here. Yeay me! I'm so good at the whole "write something every day"-project. o.O)

Tuesday's been a 'drag-my-feet-across-the-floor' kinda day.
Craptastic in other words!

Trying to keep my mind busy...even though I'm feeling quite feverish. Tasty teas, a painkiller, quotes, interior inspirations & several glances at some of the Kardashian Kollection is what I'm medicating myself with right now. (Looking forward to it being available at DP in November.) As with everything fashion & interior I can't say I fell in love with every single little thing available there... But a few things caught my eye:
One of the things I really liked is the back of the Jeweled Tunic... 

Both black & cream? I couldn't & wouldn't choose between them. ;)
The Open Knit Sweater's something I'd wear to death... Could easily wear it at a party or at home. (...not that I get much out. :p)
Cuddling up in the sofa corner wearing this one? Yes, I think so!
One of my favorite dresses is the Body-Con Keyhole dress... It's gorgeous.
Sexy? Oooh yeah... :) (All the pics are from SEARS.)
The Peak Shoulder Blazer reminds me somehow of the Victorian it really hit a soft spot with me the first time I saw it. :)
I just love the pure lines of it. (Even though the cow print underneath is a f'in eyesore.)
It's late now. Zzzleepy... Going to dream about organized places, clean cut cloth, aged brass & warm grey colours.

There's an awful lot of blood around that water is thicker than.  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966.


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