Nobel Peace Price 2012

The beginning of the weekend started really crappy! I got so insanely pissed off when Thorbjørn Jagland announced that the European Union got the Nobel Peace Price. I get the reasoning behind it, I just think that 2012 was NOT the year to hand it out to them. After Jagland joined the Nobel committee it's turned into a farce. I miss the time when the Peace Price was given to someone that actually had done something outstanding in the past 12 months...something noticeable. Someone who could stand on that stage & accept that price with his or her head held high, cause they knew in their hearth that it was deserved & that they had been all they could be & done all they could do with the purest of intentions... With conviction & honor. 
My initial reaction to the news was this:
"I wanna punch Jagland in the face! He's making the Nobel Peace Prize a f**king farce. EU was Hitler's wet dream & apparently Jagland's too." 
So basically, if I had the power I would make him & his political agenda step down. Cause he has no business making decisions in the spirit of Mr. Alfred Nobel. 

Alfred Nobel
As you might guess, I've been against joining the EU since I can remember. ...& the turmoil that's going on within it's border now is just a confirmation that my convictions are right. I have national pride, I love my country & there's nothing extreme & nothing wrong with that. ...& I can't by the life of me understand why people want to join something like that. I look at it as handing your voice, money, future & integrity over to perfect strangers.

We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power.  Then will our world know the blessings of peace.  ~William Ewart Gladstone.


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