Complain a little...

It's Sunday & I'm just stopping by to complain a little, so here goes...

I love getting tipsy every once in a blue moon. Forget the pain, let loose, dance a little... Even though I had a lot of fun, I sure do have to pay for it the next couple of days. o.O .oO(...just bad judgement on my part really. But I'll get over it. ;) ) 

In the woods at Framnes on Jeløya in Moss, Norway.

Been raining all day here & apparently snowing somewhere else in Norway. Whoop-dee-f**king-doo! I'm already annoyed by all the x-mas s**t in the stores...don't really need the white stuff ruining my lovely autumnal joy quite yet. At the end of November I welcome it with open arms. But please, please, please! I beg of thee all mighty weather Gods.......let me feel the rotting leaves beneath the soles of my shoes when Samhain comes upon us. Let me celebrate under a starry sky, carrying lanterns & laughter through the thin veil of the old. 

Blablablah... ;)

Weather forecast for tonight: ...dark.  ~George Carlin.


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