(I actually posted this yesterday...but when I logged on today it was just a draft. :( )

Tuesday's here & I'm obsessing about a couple of fabrics my friend Gine showed me last saturday. It's for furniture, but I seriously wanted to stick them on my walls & rub myself against it. o.O One of them comes from Osborne and Little. The pic doesn't really give the fabric any justice, but here it is...

It's called Bavul & the colour is Taupe. If you wanna find it the number is F6404-02.

I have this small chair after my late brother with grey & black stripes. But my cat's been clawing away on it, so it's more shabby than chic nowadays…so thinking about using the Bavul fabric on it. It isn't the biggest job in the world, so I might be able to finish it this year. ;)
Beside luscious furniture, diving into her fabric catalogues made me think of clothes too…been a while since I made clothes & I don't really miss it before autumn is upon us. This season is layers on layers & scarves, higher boots, etc… It's just cosy & you can play with different textures & colours on a whole different level than in the summer months. One of my favourite things this fall is this trench coat from Burberry:

Cute ey? :) Black is sexy as always, but I absolutely adore the Pebble colour. :) 

I love how fabrics can turn something (or someone) frumpy & f'ugly into a luxurious work of art. But it's as individual as the double helix. So what works for me, doesn't necessarily work for you…but I wouldn't completely shut myself off to new fashion visions. Except maybe this…

Karl Lagerfeld's hula hoop bag. Wonder what Coco would say to that…

I'd rather go for one of Alexander McQueen clutches to be honest...

Black or red ornate skull clutch.
Skull woven leather box clutch.

The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.  ~Mark Twain.


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