Tonight my friend Gine asked if I was feeling up for a drive to Drøbak. :) It's not that far, I had a bit of energy & I would spend most of the time on my ass anyway…plus she's great company too, so why not! We drove up there to check out this really cute little wood burning stove she wanted. It's about 90 cm tall & looks like this

This pic was taken by the former owner - Elling. 

We stopped at a 7eleven to ask for directions, & the man in there was supposedly very nice. I didn't go in, but it took a while before Gine was back...so guessing he was a hoot to talk to. ;P He apparently owned a sh**load of land up there we where headed, so the directions he gave us = excellent! It was quite remote & lovely. It speaks volumes to me when I come to places far off the beaten track. Probably cause I grew up in a place that was almost untouched…& a part of me wants to get that back. The peace & quiet, no neighbours jabbering, just the wind rattling the leaves in the fall. :) I more than often declare my love to this season. But driving by all these amazing colours… I just can't help but say it again: I LOVE AUTUMN!!!!! It's one of the great lessons in life, & mother earth keeps teaching it to each generation - over & over again… From life comes death & from death grows life. We can see life crumbles before our very eyes.

Testing out my new camera. Thanks Mum!!! 

The leaves on the ground, the ravished fields, our filled pantries… This time of year we prepare for the great slumber…& I truly love that. Just seeing the naked branches of a tree, it's a sort of vulnerable honest truth. Like a warrior laying down its sword & shield, just to rest, recuperate, so he can live to fight another day. In the midst of all this have grown a remarkable day of remembrance. A day where it's said that the veil between the realm of the living & dead is blurred. Even though you believe it or not, I think it's important to remember who came before you. Relish the memories, pay your respect to those who gave you life… So even though you sniffle at the ol' Hallows Eve, at least have the curtesy to light a candle for your ancestors. If anything, it might score you some karma points. ;)

All in all, it's been a good day today…hope I'll get more of them from now on. :) 

Proof of our society's decline is that Halloween has become a broad daylight event for many.  ~Robert Kirby.


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