D-vitamin rant

Sooo I'm really none the wiser...or perhaps a tad smidgen wiser, but not much. My body doesn't seem to absorb much D-vitamins. My initial reaction was: "Oh great Goddess! My Prayers have been heard!!! I finally have proof!!! I trrruly am a Vampirrre, I trrruly am!!!!!!" ;)
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*Safely back on planet earth...* I've been stuffing my face with supplements, I've waved hello to the sun as often as it appears in this country, I've eaten salmon, tuna, sardines, mushrooms, shrimps, cheeses, eggs, disgusting cod liver oil, consumed D-vitamin enriched milk (which I really can't f**king stand.) with my cereals, I would've eaten C-vitamin rich fruits too...but I get allergic reactions from it, so not an option. I've even chowed down on oysters for Pete's sake!!! I've really made an effort once I knew I had D-vitamin deficiency to get it back up to a normal level. Cause if this reaction I'm having - with pain 24/7 - is solely from D-vitamin deficiency? ...I don't wish it on my worst enemy. Seriously...it's like walking on thousands of tiny razor blades, & your inside feels like it's on fire. No faking this s**t, it's definitively for real...& those around you can easily spot the difference in you. So please, if you've been feeling a bit under the weather lately & haven't been able to figure out what it is... Take a trip to your doctor & take a test. It's better to get a handle on it before you get to the level I'm at, that's for sure. Or if you're pinching pennies & have a hard time getting to a doctor, try vitamin supplements...you can find it in stores, no need for any prescription. Or if you're a cheap ass or flat out broke, get out there & soak up some of those sun-rays every chance you get.
Found a danish article about how D-vitamin is essential for our immune system from 2010...quite the interesting read. If you wanna read a bit about it then here's an article that was written in the Telegraph the same year: 

I'm heading back out to see the doctor again in a little while. Hope y'all are having a great Monday so far. :)

Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice. ~Martin H. Fischer.


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