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Samhain 2012

Happy Halloween everybody! When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween. ~Linn. Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story. ~Mason Cooley.


Today I really haven't done too much... So nothing exciting to report. But tomorrow I'll be digging into Halloween, can't wait! :) Got to put down my phone & be social now... Have a guest! :D ~Linn.'s a pic of Hamsterix, my lovely guest ;D (If I was a guy, this pic would be soo wrong in so many ways... xD)


I don't really check the weather reports all too often... It's usually enough to look out the window. But maaaybe it would've been a good idea to check every once in a while at least. One minute I'm preparing for Halloween & the next.......... C rap pictures, but it's just to give you a glimpse of the day we've had here on Jeløy. :p I really can't complain though... Been watching news about Hurricane Sandy...& my heart goes out to you over there. Stay safe!  ~Linn. Any proverbs about weather are doubly true during a storm. ~Terri Guillemets.

SuperMan vs. PrimEval

Greetings from Lil' Miss Couchpotatoe! (Can't be bothered to get up, so writing from my cellphone...) Been painting my Mum's kitchen to the best of my abilities today, whilst in a rather foul mood. Just one of those days I guess... Ended the day flickin' back & forth between Superman returns & Primeval... Seen both movies before, so no surprises there. ;) Taking my achy self to bed now... Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! ~Linn.


Watched House of wax -alone...& it scared the *bleep* outta me for some reason. (It was insanely bad the first time I saw it.) Sooo, decided to watch James Bond & stuff my face with crap instead. :p ~Linn. Eat, drink & be scary. ~Unknown. PS: Writing this post on my iPhone, so haven't a clue how it'll turn out. O.o


I  miss my stuff. Been looking through old pics...& I just miss surrounding myself with my little treasures. Heirlooms, dragon heads, paintings, LP's, books...can't wait 'til we're settled. :/  ~Linn You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need. ~Vernon Howard. 

Something new...

W oho! I finally have a new phone... Took me a while & it's sure been good without people's nagging. But getting bad news through Facebook just tipped the scales for me. Need to be reachable. B TW, it snowed for like a split second today before it turned into hail. :) I was insanely glad to see the blue skies in the back... I'm just not ready for winter yet.  H ave to get to bed now...almost past midnight. :) ~Linn When snow falls, nature listens. ~Antoinette Van Kleeff.

The good, the bad & the ugly

T oday I can honestly say that I feel like the worse mum ever!  I started my day beginning to reVamp my Mum's kitchen, it ended up with me - without energy... Which resulted in me not going to my son 's dance recital...  I feel butt ugly... Inside & out... :/ I hope I get to see it on film... But as he said: "It wont be the same as seeing it live. :(" Well, what can I do? Hmm... I can at least show you some pics of the good. So here goes: As you see, it's only one corner of the entire kitchen, but I'll get there eventually... Getting my son's forgiveness is another thing. He do understands it all though, with me being "under the weather" for months. But I get his disappointment was important for him. Even though he's 15 years old, he's not one of those "Get the *blip* out of my room!"-kinda kids. He's actually a VERY good kid. So Ravn, if you're bothering to read this today - I'm

A little M. Stewart inspiration

B een sifting through Martha Stewart 's site, looking for a little Halloween inspiration. So, I made a couple of collages of a few of my finds. I'm definitively gonna make the little goodie bags... Easier to hand out & sooo much more sanitary than little fingers in the candy bowl... ~Linn. I'll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween. ~Author unknown.

D-vitamin rant

S ooo I'm really none the wiser...or perhaps a tad smidgen wiser, but not much. My body doesn't seem to absorb much D-vitamins. My initial reaction was: "Oh great Goddess! My Prayers have been heard!!! I finally have proof!!! I trrruly am a Vampirrre, I trrruly am!!!!!!" ;) *InsaneHappyClap* Pic borrowed from this site . *Safely back on planet earth...* I've been stuffing my face with supplements, I've waved hello to the sun as often as it appears in this country, I've eaten salmon, tuna, sardines, mushrooms, shrimps, cheeses, eggs, disgusting cod liver oil, consumed D-vitamin enriched milk (which I really can't f**king stand.) with my cereals, I would've eaten C-vitamin rich fruits too...but I get allergic reactions from it, so not an option. I've even chowed down on oysters for Pete's sake!!! I've really made an effort once I knew I had D-vitamin deficiency to get it back up to a normal level. Cause if this reaction I'm h

Taking a small breather...

I 've been so lost in the new layout I'm planning for the blog, that I kinda lost track of basically it's a few minutes past midnight here & I haven't got much to say. Have to get my ass to bed anyway, have an early appointment with the doc in the morning. Hope he have some answers for me... Don't really wanna leave his office with more questions than answers. S ooo, wish me *points to the pic under here* luck!!!!!!!! Miss Craaaazy-eyes! ;) Nite nite!!! ~Linn.  We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder.

People never cease to amaze me...

Image good ways & bad. G ot some sad news today... Made me think about Mignon McLaughlin's quote: The death of someone we know always reminds us that we are still alive - perhaps for some purpose which we ought to re-examine. I gazed into the well of enlightenment & reflected a while, on life & what I hold dearest... From now on I'll cherish those closest to my heart & move far away from what diminishes my soul & spirit. Picture's source - click here . ~Linn You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper.  ~Robert Alton Harris.


J ust popping by to wish you who bother to read my blog a  F a b u l o u s F r i d a y ! Crappy pic, but it's a park just 2 min. walk from me. I haven't had hundreds of thousands hits every single month, just a tiny but steady incline every week...& that's kinda fun! Looking at my stats I've seen visitors from all over the world, USA, China, Russia, Colombia, Japan, Ukraine, to name a few...& the same countries seem to pop up every single time I check. :) I didn't really know if it was correct until I recently started getting mails from people saying that it was nice that I've started blogging regularly. (Odd, cause I seem to only complain & moan these days... :p Hehe.) I don't know if I'll be able to continue doing it every day after my 31 day challenge...but this thing is like my personal vent sometimes, my online shrink. So it might be doing me some good to continue? Time will tell. Anyway, THANK YOU for using your precious ti

Hell's bells & buckets of...water?

I t's been pouring all day & a few inches from the house they've been banging away, digging & clawing their way through layers of old asphalt & hard packed dirt. (...I've been swearing a lot. :p) Cars been rushing by, a couple of ambulances screeching through the dig site & the cherry on the top of all this - a moron, screaming like crazy at an old man who was just trying to figure out how to maneuver out of the intersection. Damn...I feel like a little old curious lady, staring outside, watching life go by...& it sucks! I miss ME.  Click here to get to the source. :) T omorrow I'm starting to prepare for All Hallows Eve. Pain or no pain, I'm not missing it for anything. So better to do a little preparation each day... :) ~Linn Where there is no imagination there is no horror.  ~Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.


A lmost got desperate today. I read that they might not have my favorite x-mas soft drink - when December comes I actually contemplated dragging my aching body down to the shop & buy up a huge stash of this: Stole this pics from o.O WTF is wrong with me? I absolutely HATE it when they stuff x-mas  things down our throats this early...& here I go getting dragged into it. Bah! T o put my mind on something else I've switched the focus onto this... Mati Karmin 's wonderful world It made my mind drift towards warm winter evenings, sitting by a beauty like this (The fireplace of course...) Who needs TV when you can watch little fishes swimming around in this? This makes me contemplating having babies. LOL! I know I've said it before, but Steampunk really is the ultimate green-living. It's 100% recycling, both time & artifacts. I see that the style of clothing isn't for everyone.

Bunch of old pics

I 've been going through 3 suitcases of old pictures today. Been kinda meditative...  . Some of them have names scribbled on the back of them, some don't... . ...thinking about what's been, what is & what I hope will be. Even went through a box I've filled with letters...written with love, a love I cast away because of fear. I'm sad that I'll never get to experience the life I'd have if I'd taken that path. But I'm also glad to know that I'll never make a mistake like that again. Life's really to short to repeat stupid choices...  . Postcards, pics from America, old newspaper clippings...enough to make me smile.  . Be present & patient...& good things will happen - if you let them. ;) ~Linn. I am not bound for any public place, but for ground of my own where I have planted vines and orchard trees, and in the heat of the day climbed up into the healing shadow of the woods.  Better than any argument is to rise at d

Miss Creative

I miss creating things... I seem to design more than ever these days. (Filled almost 3 huge notebooks cover to cover.) That's of course cause I have enough dealing with figuring out what the hell's going on with my body. If I add the whole making of all I jot down on paper I'd be flat out on the bed in seconds. Going out dancing & s**t on Friday night made me move like a 90 year old for two days after. :p So I've learned my lesson, yes I did. But still I do miss creating things. Painting things in my colours, building furniture...seeing what's in my head grow up around me. I just miss it dearly... Would love one of these wonderful things in my kitchen...  ♥ A lmost midnight here, yet again...going to try to take a few pics tomorrow. Maybe even post them here. ;) Nite! ~Linn. We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.   ~Japanese Proverb.

Complain a little...

It's Sunday & I'm just stopping by to complain a little, so here goes... I love getting tipsy every once in a blue moon. Forget the pain, let loose, dance a little... Even though I had a lot of fun, I sure do have to pay for it the next couple of days. o.O .oO(...just bad judgement on my part really. But I'll get over it. ;) )  In the woods at Framnes on Jeløya in Moss, Norway. B een raining all day here & apparently snowing somewhere else in Norway. Whoop-dee-f**king-doo! I'm already annoyed by all the x-mas s**t in the stores...don't really need the white stuff ruining my lovely autumnal joy quite yet. At the end of November I welcome it with open arms. But please, please, please! I beg of thee all mighty weather Gods.......let me feel the rotting leaves beneath the soles of my shoes when Samhain comes upon us. Let me celebrate under a starry sky, carrying lanterns & laughter through the thin veil of the old.  ...please? Blablablah... ;

Sin Festival 2012

A little while ago my mum & son got me a ticket to see Cavebones at the Sin Festival in Moss. Had saved up some extra energy, so I decided to use it on this experience. ...& what an experience it was. It started with the Moron Police .  Never heard them before but have to say that they delivered 100% bonkers-music. Couldn't stop smiling. Kooky f**kers!   O ne flight of stairs up & the Cavebones let loose both ' their bitches ' & rattled their pre-historic bones. While crazy tones spewed out of the speakers, boobs flapped, fur covered asses churned, bone(r)s rose & my walls came crumbling was pure fun! :D B ut the wild card of the evening was LedFoot . The only reference I had to the man was gazing across the rail tracks at a train platform. If the place was deserted I would swear I'd just stepped into the 1800s. A scrawny but steadfast character stood in front of a villain in Lucky Luke or something. His hat cast a s

Nobel Peace Price 2012

T he beginning of the weekend started really crappy! I got so insanely pissed off when Thorbjørn Jagland announced that the European Union got the Nobel Peace Price. I get the reasoning behind it, I just think that 2012 was NOT the year to hand it out to them. After Jagland joined the Nobel committee it's turned into a farce. I miss the time when the Peace Price was given to someone that actually had done something outstanding in the past 12 months...something noticeable. Someone who could stand on that stage & accept that price with his or her head held high, cause they knew in their hearth that it was deserved & that they had been all they could be & done all they could do with the purest of intentions... With conviction & honor.  My initial reaction to the news was this: "I wanna punch Jagland in the face! He's making the Nobel Peace Prize a f**king farce. EU was Hitler's wet dream & apparently Jagland's too."   So basically, if I ha

Thursday twaddle

* s E r e N i T y * I t's been a great day. Bright a u t u m n c o l o u r e d leaves against a crisp clear sky. Just what my soul needed. Had  enough energy to start with my mum's window. Hope I'll be able to finish it tomorrow. *fingers crossed*   ...but now I really have to get some sleep, cause my body's completely knackered.  Cutest steampunk ever! Pic found  here ! Sweet dreams! ~Linn Fatigue is the best pillow.   ~Benjamin Franklin.


I got the urge to drive on the slithering roads that curves around & up Norway's majestic mountains today. Oh well... Guess that'll be #14 on my 2013 to do list . :) Think I want to do more huge things next year. See more, feel more, live more... Although I really enjoy doing small but significant things, I feel I need to be on top of the world once again. ;) The café at Røed gård I visited on sunday... ~Linn A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible.  ~Welsh Proverb.


(Managed to fall asleep before clicking the publish button, & now it's past midnight here. Yeay me! I'm so good at the whole "write something every day"-project. o.O) Tuesday's been a 'drag-my-feet-across-the-floor' kinda day. Craptastic in other words! T rying to keep my mind busy... even though I'm feeling quite feverish . Tasty teas, a painkiller , quotes, interior inspirations & several glances at some of the Kardashian Kollection is what I'm medicating myself with right now. (Looking forward to it being available at DP  in November.) As with everything fashion & interior I can't say I fell in love with every single little thing available there... But a few things caught my eye: . One of the things I really liked is the back of the Jeweled Tunic...  Both black & cream? I couldn't & wouldn't choose between them. ;) . The Open Knit Sweater's something I'd wear to death... Could easily

Gloom & doom monday afternoon...

I t's been a loooong day. Haven't really done anything constructive. Just been achy all over..bah! :( So, I've been watching the news most afternoon & that's just about it. The national budget's been the talk of the day & it managed to piss me off after only 5 minutes or so. It's a luxury problem of course. I'm not stupid, I know there are people out there that's suffering... But still, I think that since we're so well off there shouldn't be anyone waiting in line for reconstructive surgery after battling cancer. Or old people, who helped build our country not getting the proper care. ...& why don't we - who have a mountain of wealth to help people outside our borders - have the means to take care of the buildings that houses our future businessmen & women? How can they expect today's youth to stand on their own two feet & carry our nation forward, without having a proper education in a safe environment? Sometimes I wo

A bargain

I ’ve been out & about today... Was at a flee market at my Mum’s old school & then went to this cute café with my Mum & her best friend, then took a stroll down to the beach. I’ve had problems moving cause of the f**king pain afterwards, but atleast I did something productive. Mind over matter ey? Got a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people there, but I got out  -alive- with this gem. F ound this little gem & a huge clock that looks like a pocket watch at the flee market. Cost me about 15$. Gonna do something with the box, just don't know what yet... ~Linn Always strive to excel, but only on weekends.  ~Richard Rorty.

The raven has landed

O k, so basically my favorite creature in the whole wide world is back home, safe & sound...with a tan & loads of stories. He even brought home 2 bottles of wine...yeay! (15 years old, going on 30?) So I’ll write more jibberish tomorrow. :D Hope you're having a great weekend! ...back to normal. Facebook & his music. :) ~Linn Your son at five is your master, at ten your slave, at fifteen your double, and after that, your friend or your foe, depending on his bringing up.  ~Author Unknown.

Comfy weekend

T his weekend is all about comfort foods, family & warm beverages. My son's coming home from Barcelona tomorrow, so you can say I'm prepping for his return. ;P He'll get his normal dose of saturday-sugar-high & all my attention. :D I was thinking about making something like this: WARNING! A LOT OF TEDIOUS READING AHEAD. ;) Chicken pie Just a simple, quick fixed kinda hearty meal. Here’s what you need: ...for the pie crust... 150g butter 3 dl. flour 3 spoons of cold water Tiny amount of salt If you’re a lazy ass - buy a ready made one. ...for the filling... Chicken (Minced, chopped, torn, however you like it.) Celery leaves 1 leek 4-6 eggs (Depends on the size.) About 200g grated cheese 3 dl. cream or milk ...or neither, if you don’t want it. Button mushrooms (Champignong) Salt, pepper, chili or whatever tickles your fancy. ...& here’s how you do it: If you haven’t already bought a ready made one, then this is ho


T onight my friend Gine asked if I was feeling up for a drive to Drøbak . :) It's not that far, I had a bit of energy & I would spend most of the time on my ass anyway…plus she's great company too, so why not! We drove up there to check out this really cute little wood burning stove she wanted. It's about 90 cm tall & looks like this This pic was taken by the former owner - Elling.  W e stopped at a 7eleven to ask for directions, & the man in there was supposedly very nice. I didn't go in, but it took a while before Gine was guessing he was a hoot to talk to. ;P He apparently owned a sh**load of land up there we where headed, so the directions he gave us = excellent! It was quite remote & lovely. It speaks volumes to me when I come to places far off the beaten track. Probably cause I grew up in a place that was almost untouched…& a part of me wants to get that back. The peace & quiet, no neighbours jabbering, just the wind rat

Warm linen

E ven though I've basically been down & out the last few months I've tried to do things nonetheless. It's been quite the ordeal trying to finish the things I've set out to do. The upstairs landing would usually take a weekend to finish, but instead I've used months! No energy & every brush stroke feeling like pins & needles… But here's a quick pic of one wall, 97% finished. Far from my best work…but I'm impressed that I got so far with it. :P The colour isn't grey, but a warm linen...& it changes throughout the day. :) ~Linn. Home, the spot of earth supremely blest, A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest. ~Robert Montgomery.


(I actually posted this yesterday...but when I logged on today it was just a draft. :( ) T uesday's here & I'm obsessing about a couple of fabrics my friend Gine showed me last saturday. It's for furniture, but I seriously wanted to stick them on my walls & rub myself against it. o.O One of them comes from Osborne and Little . The pic doesn't really give the fabric any justice, but here it is... It's called Bavul & the colour is Taupe. If you wanna find it the number is F6404-02. I have this small chair after my late brother with grey & black stripes. But my cat's been clawing away on it, so it's more shabby than chic nowadays…so thinking about using the Bavul fabric on it. It isn't the biggest job in the world, so I might be able to finish it this year. ;) B eside luscious furniture, diving into her fabric catalogues made me think of clothes too…been a while since I made clothes & I don't really miss it before aut