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The Expedables 2

W hatever you had planned this weekend - drop it! Just get your asses to the nearest cinema & see: www . t he e xpendables 2 L ooking at my 15 year old son in the seat beside me at the cinema staring at all MY childhood heroes I got filled with this amazing sense of privilege. I got to grow up watching these guys kicking peoples asses & blowing shit up. ...& there I was seeing them still causing havoc & blowing peoples heads off. Let me tell you, they're like a perfectly aged Henri IV Dudognon cognac & they keep getting better by the year. I couldn't stop smiling! I 've been told the movie got a few crap reviews though... Come ooon, are you serious? We all know what kinda movie it is  ☛ an  experience! A way to climb off your high horse & leave the 'political correct-peace loving'-self outside & step into a saloon filled with cigar smoke, big guns, loads of gore, a hint of Yippee-kai-yay mother fucker & a