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I t's been a while since I've written now. My life's like a carny these days. Kinda been crazy with it's ups & downs. Surrounded by clowns, lion tamers, bearded ladies & trapeze artists swinging above, while daredevils jumps gracefully through burning hoops in the center of the ring. It's like I'm on the bleachers watching it all spinning fast around me. Might have a bit to do with my vertigo kicking in again though. *lol* ;) So when I tilt my head to the right & sit quite still, the carousel slows down for a while & let me enjoy the madness, or as it turns out - a bit of normalcy. Siamese twins turns into one good friend & the strong man with the huge mustache turns out to be my teenage son with some blond strains of hair on his upper lip. :P T his carousel ride I'm on is truly noooo fun. :) Fingers crossed that I never have to get on that ride again. Knowing that my great grandmother, grandmother & mother struggled with it