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Dig me a hole...

I t's weird not living anywhere permanent... Homeless in a way. Since I can't seem to decide where to put down roots, we're just floating around for a while. It feels senseless to settle down somewhere again, just to move on yet another time. I really wanna start putting my plans into reality, but I have this nagging feeling inside that it's somehow too late... That I've somewhat grown out of it. The plan involved a younger son, getting to grow up with a happier, more driven mum, a real family life in our own house, packed to the rim with lotsa love & laughter. Instead it slowly blurred a flame deprived of oxygen. Mostly cause of letting other peoples needs go before our own. Using money, time & energy on people that - in hindsight - are egotistical pieces of human dung. It's just drained me... I'm actually moving forward on some imaginary fuel, or stubbornness maybe? I'm hanging on though... Tied a knot at the end of the rope, &