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What we leave behind...

S ince I'm ripping up my roots - permanently this time, I find myself in a sort of limbo. I simply have no idea where to go next...all I know is that life as we know it is completely & utterly about to change. These past couple of months have been quite the ordeal, for me in particular...can't really speak for my son. But I know it hasn't been all cotton candy clouds & sweet scented roses. Haven't really shared much with the people around me, it's been more of a need to know basis. But guess that if people have half a brain they can 'read between the lines'. :) A friend of mine helped getting some of our stuff into storage. She's a champ for doing that! <3 Still have a s**tload left, but tomorrow - come hell or high waters - it'll be done. I'm dreaming of a big truck & a stream of happy helpers standing outside at noon tomorrow...& all finished in one hour. :P But me, an utility trailer & some elbow grease will suffice! (C