It's Valentines day, or Lupercalia as I rather like to refer to this holiest of times. ;) When I woke up this morning I reckoned my mailbox would be packed to the brim with letters, cards & gifts...& the line of suitable s******s that patiently awaited outside my residence would've left any red carpet event to shame. ...& OH, the invites I'd get! - to posh places with pristine crystal fluters filled with the most exclusive champagne...& if you'd lift the glass up to the extraordinary bright chandeliers dangling above, you'd see specks of gold-leaf floating inside. Around you fluttered waiters, the OH so lovely polished waiters with brooms stuck up their bottoms, franticly trying to keep your glass half-full. Oh the joooy of Decadent Living! How I relish the moments spent with you! ...& oh how I love that you're few & far apart. ;) ...got to keep it real, I'm just not that kinda Lady. I'd rather go to a place I can kick back & have a few laughs. A place where you don't get foam & garnish as a main course, a place you don't get frowned upon if you happen to laugh out loud - in a not so stiff upper lip kinda way. That's my ideal night out. :) 
*Fast forward to Valentine's eve*
...stuck doing paperwork & all I have to look back at on this glorious of days is sitting in a bright yellow car with my mum, raising our Starbucks Iced Coffee wishing each other a Happy Valentine's day. F*****g everyday life... :P The V-day itself haven't really got any serious foothold in Norway. Of course it's seeped through our borders & some men franticly trying to please their girlfriends buy flowers & gifts on their way home from work. But it really isn't something we take for granted...& it shouldn't be. But I do like the concept of one day out of the year that people go that extra mile for that special someone. But do they have to make a statement in the form of flowers or candy? Naaah... I'd be happy if I found a small note in my pocket, a weird a** snowman on my porch or some wonky old weed from the garden. :P It really shouldn't take much more than that. :) This day also makes me think about relationships... It's gotten more apparent to me over the years that if people have their own life, career & their integrity intact when they merge their life with someone, it seem to create this rock solid foundation for them to grow from. I like that thought...it's kinda sobering & it gives some kinda hope for that old fashioned long lasting thing. You know, that thing our grandparents had. ;) My ideal relationship is being with someone who's not dependent on me "reporting in" every single day. Who accept me suddenly taking a day trip to London or dragging his a** to the top of a mountain just for the fun of it. Someone who can take a step back & let me be all I intended to be. A mutual understanding that - yes, we're heading in the same direction, so lets relax & have some fun along the way. If that leads to one taking the scenic route & the other in the next rocket out, so be it! Lets meet up, have a cuddle & share our stories. If you hold on to something to  hard, you're either going to break it or choke the life out of it. So loosen that death-grip of yours & be confident in your own integrity.
...enough babble from me. o.O

Stupid pic, tried to make a heart shaped thingy with my hands. *FAIL*
Have a lovely Valentine's day (what's ever left of it) to all you gooey romantics out there! 

Sometimes it's a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence.  ~David Byrne.


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