♬ Living in a box...

...well, boxes actually. This whole process have made me realize how much CRAP a person accumulates in a lifetime. I'm yearning for less things & more order! Just hope I'm not going overboard. Cause I've already sold my couch & given away my bed...& table...& bookshelf...&...you get the picture. ;P Here's a few random pics I took today. I try to document as much as I can from the house. Good to have a few pics to look back at right? :)

This is the last thing on the kitchen wall. Haven't really had the heart to take it down quite yet. It's kinda nice to do the dishes or make food & look up at the tiny pic of L's Nonna.

The dragon head in my living room's going down tomorrow & all the walls will be painted white.

I use this old drawer as a place to store all my jewelry & tiny keepsakes, emptied it out today. Looks weird when it's just like that. :/

 This is a piece of driftwood I found at the beach last year. My niece & I painted it blue & silver'ish. Gonna paint a few words on it tomorrow. Can post a pic of it when it's finished. :)

Gonna get some sleep now. Have to get my butt to the gym in the morning. Hope I'll get my son to come with me. But it's the winter holidays & he REALLY likes to sleep in, so wish me luck! I'll need it. ;)

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.  ~Ivy Baker Priest.


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