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I miss my white walls, I could use them kinda like a canvas...& my belongings were my colour pallet, arranging was my art, whilst my body was the brush & my soul - the artist. ;P (...not doing anything remotely creative these days, so feel like I'm having an interior dec. withdrawal symptom of some sort. :P) Just a pic of my grandpa fishing when he was young. <3 Love the serenity... G ot a whiff of some antiques through a window just made me miss having a really cozy home & all the interior-la-la that comes with it. :P There was this dresser smiling at me through the shop's window & it made me think of aaall the people who'd put their clothes, heirlooms, candles & maybe even love letters in it. It was beautiful in all its original patina. I have a profound appreciation for original 1800 finishes...& my soul weeps whenever someone paints it or rips it apart. Retro things you can have, but antiques? ...pleeease think twice before

♬ Living in a box...

...well, boxes actually. This whole process have made me realize how much CRAP a person accumulates in a lifetime. I'm yearning for less things & more order! Just hope I'm not going overboard. Cause I've already sold my couch & given away my bed...& table...& bookshelf...& get the picture. ;P Here's a few random pics I took today. I try to document as much as I can from the house. Good to have a few pics to look back at right? :) This is the last thing on the kitchen wall. Haven't really had the heart to take it down quite yet. It's kinda nice to do the dishes or make food & look up at the tiny pic of L's Nonna. The dragon head in my living room's going down tomorrow & all the walls will be painted white. I use this old drawer as a place to store all my jewelry & tiny keepsakes, emptied it out today. Looks weird when it's just like that. :/  This is a piece of driftwood I found at th

New shoes

B een a couple of long & dreary posts from me decided to keep it short & simple today. This monday was pretty marvelous actually. Went shopping for this insanely good-smelling 3 min. hair conditioner, stood ages in front of 100s of sushi pieces, but couldn't decide - so walked away. Eternal regret you say? YES! Oooh, & went to pick up my new shoes. Needed a new pair for the gym. =) Haven't been crazy about going shopping for shoes, clothes, etc...but after I had to start wearing specially made orthopedic shoes I actually got to feel how it was like to walk around without pain. Weird how the body gets used to much so that you forget it's even there. It just accepts it. Anyhow, (...have to remember the whole "short & simple" thing here.) I get giddy like a schoolgirl when I get new shoes now. Just wanna hug & kiss them...which I actually do! ;P Not the best pic ever but new shoes, +hair product from Aussie  that smell


T he melancholy's just building up inside me... Taking down the last few things off the wall in a house I've lived in since I was 8 is quite sobering, sad even. Knowing my grandpa was part of building it makes my heart heavy. :/ This is a picture from the end of the 1940s, just before they started to build this neighborhood: Here he is, 2nd from the left. This is taken before this whole area - called Bellevue was developed.  The tall guy in the middle is a councilman called Arne Magnussen - I think, & apparently a Mr. Holberg. Have no clue who the last man is. I find that touching the mortar between the red bricks in the chimney brings back memories. Especially of my grandma going outside with her brown plastic-can to get the paraffin/kerosene out of the huge metal drums outside. Then she went into the basement to fill up the oven to warm the place up.  Here she is on the terrace in july 1969:  On the back of the pic she describes herself as a fat


I t's Valentines day, or Lupercalia as I rather like to refer to this holiest of times. ;) When I woke up this morning I reckoned my mailbox would be packed to the brim with letters, cards & gifts...& the line of suitable s******s that patiently awaited outside my residence would've left any red carpet event to shame. ...& OH, the invites I'd get! - to posh places with pristine crystal fluters filled with the most exclusive champagne...& if you'd lift the glass up to the extraordinary bright chandeliers dangling above, you'd see specks of gold-leaf floating inside. Around you fluttered waiters, the OH so lovely polished waiters with brooms stuck up their bottoms, franticly trying to keep your glass half-full. Oh the joooy of Decadent Living! How I relish the moments spent with you! ...& oh how I love that you're few & far apart. ;) to keep it real, I'm just not that kinda Lady. I'd rather go to a place I can kick back &