So, a few days into the new year & my planner's already filling up. Oddly enough, so is my 2 DO list. :P I've decorated the front of my planner with a less than perfect 'Once upon a time...'-theme. Simply to remind me that I'm the one that make things happen. Even though it doesn't always turn out perfectly...I need to make that great fairytale called life get as many happy endings as possible. :) Starting with moving the rest of my stuff out of the house so I can close that chapter of the book. Find a new place to live. Then get something to do a weeeeeee bit closer to home...wherever that will be. ;) These thing's should be stressing me out to a point where I'm in a fetal position crying for my mum, right? Not quite there yet I'm afraid... For now, I'm just quietly sifting through ads & sticking to my planned schedule. 

Oooh, btw! Do anyone know the value of this sweet thing from Stavanger Flint? I've been told it's from the 50s & probably one of the first things in production from them. But what the hell do I know... :P Hope someone out there can tell me more about it. Cause I wanted to collect the set if it was possible...but it seem difficult to find all the pieces (If it even was a set), so I'd rather sell it. :)

The most precious jewels are not made of stone, but of flesh.  ~Robert Ludlum.


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