Tender Loving Care

I've recently become a tad bit addicted to Beeny's restoration nightmare. They've been renovating a beautiful place called 

I want ceilings like this... *love*

If you wanna see more beautiful pictures of Rise hall visit their gallery.

It's sooo impressive! :) It seem like quite the adventure, with ALL the pros & cons...& then some! :) Can't see myself taking on something on a scale that grand just yet. ;P But I wouldn't mind breathing life into places that's been neglected. I get pissed off when I see buildings falling apart. There's decent people without a place to call home + there are huge buildings out there, just in need of a little TLC. Why don't the owners of the buildings merge the two together? It's a win win situation in my opinion. If someone asked me to move into a house for a few months to fix it up I'd definitively do it. Using rent money for improvements instead of stuffing the owner's bank account... Anyone with half a brain would see profit at the end of that business transaction. I mean, if the owner can afford to have a whole building going to the shitter...then he/she probably can do without any rent money too. 

*sigh* I need a project of some sort...a big one...(preferably mine!) Cause now my projects reduced to planning the last autumn dinner with friends &...well, this:

Found an old frame in the attic, painted it brown, stuck a cork board in it & stuffed it with bits & bobs.

...& that's all fine & dandy, but I sooo wanna create ambience again. It's rewarding in so many ways.

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. ~Author Unknown.

PS: Since I'll be gone for the first couple of weeks in december I'll be missing out on some of our traditional 1st of december tree decorating. So I'm sad to say that I actually have to start the holidays a week early this year to keep our traditions alive. I freakin' hate it!!! Cause usually we start on december 1st...& this feels so so sooo wrong. BUT, to get in the right frame of mind I've bought a new tree. I'll show it to you soon, but I can tell you this - It's copper coloured. :D STEAMPUNK BABY!!!


salige lavendel said…
Ja, du sier noe...Håper noen med store herskapelige bygninger leser ordene dine her og ber deg flytte inn da, hihi =) Men det er nok ikke bare bare å pusse opp sånne store bygninger heller.

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