This post is totally dedicated to a challenge from another blogger. I rarely participate in stuff like this, but this one was about showing the person behind the blog. It's up to each & every one of us how much we want to "display" I really like this challenge. :) Seeing the owners instead of an arrangement of their things. So, Lidyll...this is a tiny fraction of me:

I've always been an inquisitive, outgoing individual with a wee crazy streak...

As you see, that hasn't exactly changed over the years... (Yup! I really have fangs.)

I can be serious & tough as hell, but sometimes I let my guard all the way down & let my sorrow show. But I try not to linger too much in the past. Only when I wanna remember good events. Like my brother's laugh & crazy ideas, or my grandpa burping like a goat at the dinner table. That makes me wanna linger a bit longer. :)

I'm grateful for all I have & all I am. But I know that it's always room for improvement, growth & LOTS of laughter. It's not difficult to make me laugh...& when I do, I really laugh out LOUD! ;)

So even though I have tattoos, piercings & a taste for the macabre at times. ;P I'm basically quite normal, a bit dorky & very very sweet to the people that touches my heart.



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