Today I need to keep my mind on something else than yesterday... So a small digression about my future is just what I need at the moment. ;)

So, in a not so distant future I'll be stepping in to a white house that looks like it's been there since the Victorian era. I'll put my feet up in a comfy colourful victorian-inspired sofa, made by my lovely friend Gine...then I'll slip under my self-made grannysquare comforter & blog about all the beautiful laces I inherited from my great grandma on a laptop much like this one:

You can read more about it here!

...maybe I'll even post a few pictures of the latest '1800s furniture rescue mission' I've been on. Then I'll get up, walk to the phone & start calling my friends to ask if they would wanna come over for a late night supper. I'll probably be using this phone:

Wanna see more phones? Here's the link!

...then I'll whip up something on my cooker, walk upstairs & slip into something from Steampunk Couture ...& light some candles, set the table & decant the wine. Mmm!!! ;P

 Some might think it's a bit over the top, but I love it! Here's a few more pics!

...my guests will then arrive by different means, maybe on two wheels or even three:

Just click on the pics for links! :)

...& if I'm lucky they'll be wearing happy faces & smashing outfits:

Click the pic for the link.

...as the evening comes to an end, we all retire to the lounge with the rest of our wine & put our feet up in front of the fireplace. Oooh! They all can even stay the night...cause it's ALWAYS room for GOOD company. ;P

It takes time to accumulate it all, GREAT GODDESS IT TAAAKES TIIIIME!!! o.O But in the end I think it's worth it. For me it's all about following your passion & utmost desires, sticking to your guns so to speak... Bringing your heritage with you & creating your own little Elysium. ;)

To some, ‘steampunk’ is a catchall term, a concept in search of a visual identity. To me, it’s essentially the intersection of technology and romance. ~ Jake von Slatt.


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