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Tender Loving Care

I 've recently become a tad bit addicted to Beeny's restoration nightmare . They've been renovating a beautiful place called  Rise Hall   I want ceilings like this... *love* If you wanna see more beautiful pictures of Rise hall visit their  gallery . It's sooo impressive! :) It seem like quite the adventure, with ALL the pros & cons...& then some! :) Can't see myself taking on something on a scale that grand just yet. ;P But I wouldn't mind breathing life into places that's been neglected. I get pissed off when I see buildings falling apart. There's decent people without a place to call home + there are huge buildings out there, just in need of a little TLC. Why don't the owners of the buildings merge the two together? It's a win win situation in my opinion. If someone asked me to move into a house for a few months to fix it up I'd definitively do it. Using rent money for improvements instead of stuffing the own


Just wanted to wish my dad a lovely fathers day! ~Linn. Pappa passer på deg når du sover.  ~P. A. Kravik. (He used to whisper that he looked after me while I was sleeping, just before I went to sleep.)


T his post is totally dedicated to a challenge from another blogger. I rarely participate in stuff like this, but this one was about showing the person behind the blog. It's up to each & every one of us how much we want to "display" I really like this challenge. :) Seeing the owners instead of an arrangement of their things. So, Lidyll ...this is a tiny fraction of me: I've always been an inquisitive, outgoing individual with a wee crazy streak... As you see, that hasn't exactly changed over the years... (Yup! I really have fangs.) I can be serious & tough as hell, but sometimes I let my guard all the way down & let my sorrow show. But I try not to linger too much in the past. Only when I wanna remember good events. Like my brother's laugh & crazy ideas, or my grandpa burping like a goat at the dinner table. That makes me wanna linger a bit longer. :) I'm grateful for all I have & all I am. But I kno


T oday I need to keep my mind on something else than yesterday... So a small digression about my future is just what I need at the moment. ;) S o, in a not so distant future I'll be stepping in to a white house that looks like it's been there since the Victorian era. I'll put my feet up in a comfy colourful victorian-inspired sofa, made by my lovely friend Gine ...then I'll slip under my self-made grannysquare comforter & blog about all the beautiful laces I inherited from my great grandma on a laptop much like this one: You can read more about it here! ...maybe I'll even post a few pictures of the latest '1800s furniture rescue mission' I've been on. Then I'll get up, walk to the phone & start calling my friends to ask if they would wanna come over for a late night supper. I'll probably be using this phone: Wanna see more phones? Here's the link! ...then I'll whip up something on my cooker, walk upst

A gentle heart

T oday it feels like my heart's torn into pieces. Seeing my mum cry is the worst feeling ever!! Her lovely little dog - Pia, suddenly got very sick this week...& today was the last time her kind & gentle heart beat. She fell asleep in my mum's lap. Sooo glad I was able to be there when mum got the bad news from the vet, but I don't know if I was any help though...was - & still am, bawling my eyes out.  A little grey bundle of kindness & joy. We miss you!! ~Linn. In the night of death, hope sees a star, and listening love can hear the rustle of a wing.  ~Robert Ingersoll.

Winding down

I t's November already. This year's just flown by. Kinda wanna slow it all down though. Have a stress-free existence...& I'm the only one that can make that happen. :) Mostly by being conscious in every moment, take deep breaths & really exhale. So the rest of the year I'll do just that...lace each day with music flowing like sticky syrup, old gooey stories safely tucked between two covers & really fall in love with the little things again.   When I think about winding down, my bedroom comes to mind.  :) This is my nightstand.   I revamped the candleholders by gluing them together. :) Love the trashy-posh result. ;P This tiny dead doll is the cutest little thing ever. Always with me. ^^ ~Linn Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.  ~John De Paola.