If you didn't already know it - I friggin' LVE autumn!!! Longer nights, leaves on the ground, warm soothing colours, savory pies, carved pumpkins & snugglin'...lots & lots of snugglin'!!! It might seem like I'm all cosy & tucked away under a heavy woolen blanket, beside a roaring fire now...but...naaah, I'm by my desk & almost can't feel my fingers cause it's 14.5 C inside & it's taking like forever to get my radiator s**t to work. *snarl* But - & that's a big BUT, I'm noooot going to be a grump about it. Cause it's my favorite time of year! The only thing that makes me grumpy is people celebrating yule, x-mas, etc. in october. Actually, I become grinchy when people get all dingly dangly bells & deck the halls blablablablahblah before december 1st. I get that preparing markets, parties & stuff like that needs to be done waaay ahead of time. But you're not getting me to dress up as Santa's little helper & spread the joy in the middle of november that's for bloody sure! o.O It's rather about Samhain & the autumnal bounty that surrounds us these days. :) I wanna bask in the ambiance of autumn as looong as possible. 

Moooving on... When I was at the boot-camp thingy, all the ladies in my barracks knitted, sewed or crochet something in the evenings. I've always wanted to have an old fashioned comforter. But I kinda wanted to make it myself...sooo, EUREKA!!! The Yarn-mafia to the rescue! I learned how to make Granny Squares in probably under half an hour. I suck at it, but at least I'm doing it all on my own. :) Hopefully it'll be finished on my birthday in december. Weee!! :D I have about 50 more to go though... Dear Goddess, what have I gotten myself into? ;P

Black, grey & brown badly done Granny squares. But they're mine ALL MINE!
Haven't really done much interior related things at home lately. Been packing, shredding papers & throwing out stuff, that's about it. :) Filled up both the garbage bin & the recycling bin, so had to call it a night...& well, I haven't got any light in that room anyway, so couldn't really 'fondle' my way around in the dark either. ;P Gooood thing the garbage's being picked up in the morning. :) Jeebus, I'm just a regular snoozefest aren't I? Crocheting & organizing bonanza...that's my life atm. o.O .oO(Wonder what retirement got in store for me...coma?)

I have no clue how this got in the house, but our cat went completely nutter! Exiting! o.O

This is Shana, my niece's 4 month old dog. She's cute as a bug right?
I'm gonna scour my larder now...wanna make vanilla muffins with some of the blueberries I've picked earlier & sunflower seeds. :) If that doesn't pan out, guess I'll be having a few pieces of sushi...boooooring ol' sushi. Zzz...

In Mexico we have a word for sushi:  bait.  ~José Simons.


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