Death, shoes & honeysuckle.

Was out walking my nice's dog...& watching her go nuts in the bushes made me notice nature's weird & wonderful ways. Cause on the ground there were half rotten leaves & a puddle with the first glimpse of frost on it. Looked like tiny frost faeries had been dancing over it. Hanging over the stone fence just behind us was a huge honeysuckle with a few flowers on it. I love the fact that in the midst of all this withering & death, nature actually have time to bring forth new beginnings...a short lived one of that. But still, that last remembrance of warmer days wrapped up in that little scented flower is simply lvely! ;P

Cycl of life. ;P Gotta love it!

My new shoes or military boots from the orthopedic doc. Made just for me. Yeay! They where a tad bit too big around the shin, but that's what leg-warmers & woolen socks are made for. STUFF IIIT! ;P Found those bright orange flowers in a garden I walked past. Kinda get the feeling my soul's starved for colours...& seeing things like this, the bright yellow, orange, etc. makes me wanna dive right in.

My niece & I've been doing stuff in the garden today. :) ALWAYS laugh a lot when I do things like that with her. She went completely postal when she couldn't get the string trimmer to start. ♥ Wish I had a video of it, so funny. :D Guess a pic of her fixing the porch roof will suffice. She got her "Serious with a hint of EEEW"-face on. :P Gosh, the roof's been like that for a couple of years now. :/ ...& if we had the right roof tiles it would be finished today. But it's a bit better than it was! *Pia-magic* ;D

We have that candle holder out all year long to remind me of one of the best days of the year. All Hallows Eve! :D If you're wondering, the letters was about $2 a piece at this store in Moss. It's our surname. Don't know what to do with them yet, so they'll stay white for now. :) On the right, there's a pic of what I do these days. I had that old iron thingy for a while. Painted Candle stubs, left-over or something like that on it. & I've been throwing in most of my stubs. When I melted it all down it almost filled the whole thing. :) Didn't have any wicks, so had to use some of my new candles. Cause I wanted to use my recycled tin-cans to make some big candles. So, the green thing you see in the pic is a fruit slicer. I use it to hold the candle up straight by sticking it through the hole in the middle. Then I just drain the wax through a funnel & voila!

I'm messy... ;P

Gonna join the Samhain festivities in a bit, just one more post to go... ;) 

You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants.  ~Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis.


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